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Allow me to whinge

Yes, I'm aware this is a bad post. Yes, it's annoying whining. Yes, I'm aware that I'm one of the few consistent winners at my game precisely because people play so amazingly badly (plus, of course, the CLP effect). But man - you know, the days when you leave the table barely up on the session, when you should have tripled or quadrupled up?

Three-bet pre with AK to $60, get called in four spots. Flop K73 rainbow. Bet $175, call call. Turn 9 still rainbow. Bet $375, call. River J, villain - middle-aged Asian woman that has folded any board with any obvious flush or straight regardless of her holding all night - confidently ships her remaining $400, I am confused, can't see what the hell she has other than a set, can't see how I can ever be good here, so I shrug-fold, and she turns over....J3o.

45 minutes later. Pocket Jacks. I 3-bet pre to $65 over half a table of limpers. Middle-aged Asian call, clueless short-stack call, semi-drunk businessman call. Flop T42 two spades. Clueless short stack open shoves for $300, last time he did this with A4o on a Q-high board. I sigh and ship it, figuring I'll just be heads up vs clueless short stack. 99.9% certain I'm way ahead. .

Both villains call, wtf.

Turn 9 River 4, for a final board of T4294.

Middle-aged Asian turns over AJo, no spade.
Semi-drunk business man turns over pocket 8s.
Clue-less short-stack turns over 54, no spade.

///bangs head against table.


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,546Subscriber
    I went a year live like this playing part time. I remember the 1st hand it happened.

    Raise, get M3b by a fish, I call with KK, I know he has AA. We get it in on the flop Ace on the River. $1500 pot poof.

    Then the roller coaster didn't end all of 2017.

    Flop a boat, guy gets quads

    Set over set, another guy gets quads

    Guy bluffing vs my set, RR a straight.

    Flop a set of TT in a 3b pot vs a $150 FD and $500 KK... it all gets in OTR... FD hits... Ok I can still win large stack from KK... ROYAL FD hits. KK stacks us both.

    Rinse repeat for at least 12 months.

    2017, I believe same thing happened online. My HM2 said I should be up 10bb /100 in realized equity. I was up 4bb/100.

    Yea this happens. Thus why you need a large bankroll so it doesn't affect you.

    So I feel your anxiety.
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