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What's the best way to learn from this site if you are a New Subscriber?

GroundhogDayGroundhogDay Posts: 287Subscriber
So, I recently signed up for seat-open-poker and at first I started listing to the newest podcast and then 2nd newest, etc... Then I decided I better just start from #1 and catch-up. Now that I am through the first dozen or so, I realized he is referencing the dueces plays premium a lot...

My question is what do you think is the best way to start listening to the pod-casts (i.e. what worked for you if you didn't start the subscription in the beginnng)? Also are there any specific forum topics, pod-casts, or crush-live-poker videos that are a "must" listen/watch for new subscribers?

I recently bought the book Ed Miller, play the player which should be delivered tomorrow, as Bart Mentioned it in one of his early pod-casts.... I am trying to get the best out of my poker education and increase my profits. Therefore, if you can direct me use the "Best-Of" / "most important" poker resources from www.seatopenpoker.net or outside books, it would be much appreciated. Basically... which pod-casts, CLP video's or outside books have benefited you the most... maybe like the top 5-10 in order of importance to you... or something like that.....

A little background information is that I have been a subscriber for about a month now (think I been charged $52 bux) and I haven't looked at too many of the videos but have found time to listen to about 20 pod-casts. I am fairly new to 2-5, starting just about a 10 months to a year ago. I play in underground cardrooms where the rake is incredibly high (think it is 5-10% capped at $30-35ish per pot), However, I have been doing quite well, even considering I tend to over-tip... I work a regular 9-5 job and only get to play poker as a part-time job. I have put in only about 300 hours this year...and my typicaly sessions are capped at about 4-5 hours, but I can play more, depending how much sleep I want, as I work in the mornings ( I usually play from about 9-10 pm to 2 am) Attached are my stats Year-to-Date from my 'poker income tracker', if helpful.....


Thanks for your time and direction to a new subscriber.. and Best of Luck to youthumb!
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