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Sick River vs super LAG Stones

MrO Posts: 159Subscriber
edited May 26 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/3 NL Stones
Over 1K effective
Hero BB 9♥️10♥️
Limp to hero I make it 10 just to build a pot.
6 callers
Flop (70) J♠️ 8♥️ 10♣️
I bet 50
Only SB calls LAG (been running table over with 2 pair)
Turn (170) 7♦️
Hero bets 150
SB calls
I was planning on checking more non improved rivers. Or should I 3 barrels?
River (470) Qx
I did a little prayer in my head. He never has AK here I thought to myself.
SB donks 220. What do you do?


  • JLBJ Posts: 171Subscriber
    He’d have to show AK or K9 to me. Call.
    by 1CycleV
  • alecspade Posts: 73Subscriber
    We're probably chopping here but I'm not folding.
    by 1CycleV
  • MrO Posts: 159Subscriber
    Never folding. Is a click to 500 suicide? His donk leads like this have been 2 pair a lot
  • Latrell1515 Posts: 235Subscriber
    There's no reason to raise even against someone like this with this obvious one liner to a straight.Your chopping 9/10 times the way this hand played out.
    by 1CycleV
  • CycleV Posts: 1,030Subscriber
    This table must be soft as wet shit, cuz someone makes it 10 out of the blinds in a 7-way pot, it's such an obviously weak raise that I'm blasing off with whatever garbage I limped along with.
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