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College Bankroll Devastation

Loudog Posts: 2Subscriber
Over the past 3 months in college, I've been studying poker religiously. Probably studying at least 2 hours every day, and playing about 8 hours a week. I've also been working 15 hour weeks to fuel my poker bankroll. I slowly built it up to 500 and today I was ready to take on the casino.
It's a 1-3 game 300 cap. I'm sitting at about $400 and the villain has $600+. The villain was very reckless and fishy. I tried to bluff him once and he called me with 3 7 off for a pair of 3's.
Villain raises to 15 in MP over two limps, something he would only do with premiums cause he had always limped behind. I'm in the CO with 5h5c and flat and one of the limpers call.
Pots around $45.
Flop comes 8h 5s 3h.
Villian cbets $50. Over my hours of studying I put him on a high pocket pair J's+. The sizing seems like he wants to "Protect" and take the pot down. Since he probably won't bluff into me into the other streets with AK I decide to bump it up to $120 to try to get the money in now. I'm taking the old stack-a-donk line. Other guy folds and the villain thinks about it for 3 seconds and announces "I'm all in" and I snap call so fast that the dealer did a double take.
I table my set and It's obviously good and he flips over his JhJs.
Turn is the Kh and river is 6h giving the villain a higher flush than me.
$400 down the drain to runner, runner flush.
On the flop, I'm about 88% favorite. Poker is a really cruel game.
This is a good lesson for me on Bankroll management/variance. I knew I was taking was a risk. However, Bart always emphasizes the race out of the small stakes because of the rake, so I was shot taking to the 1-3. I realize it wasn't the smartest decision and maybe it doesn't apply to me still being in college and all. From my point of view playing online, especially in America, is sketchy, boring, and the edges are a lot slimmer, where they don't telegraph their hands to you like in live games.


  • Geet Posts: 32Subscriber
    edited May 27
    I think you played it quite well. I would feel good about my decision and the read. I think its important not to be results oriented in Poker and think about making the right decisions. Mathematically, You will lose around 12% of the time in this situation which is 1 out 8 times. You could probably consider villian having the possibility of two overs and flush draw in addition to overpairs. This increases villians equity a little bit. There could be many times worse than this in poker - I have lost on the river against people having 1 or 2 outers (2 - 4 %) . Bigger bankroll will help in taking more shots when unlucky. Good luck.
    by 1Loudog
  • QuantumSurfer Posts: 133Subscriber
    You saved up 160bb. That's not a bankroll. You weren't ready to play at the levels you're playing at. What you experienced isn't cruel, it's inevitable. I apologize for sounding harsh, but in all your hours of off-table study, you neglected bankroll management, ensuring extremely likely ruin. Until you have several thousand dollars or more to dedicate to live poker, I'd recommend staying away. Best thing you can do is save up ~$200, put it online and play the $5 buy in games for right now.
  • brick Posts: 127Subscriber
    Well played.
    Good news, you have learned main lessons that poker will teach you and now you can retire from poker in peace. Because poker will go on like this forever. You will win some and lose some.
    Work hard, play well, and most importantly remember why you are playing. (Fun, challenge, to make money?)

    I've learned a lot from poker. About emotions, math, and people. It's been a fun hobby for 15 years and given me a little extra spending cash. Hasn't made me rich yet! But you never know what might happen next.... That's part of the fun right?
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