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2-5 river play with blockers

PiggyPiggy Posts: 157Subscriber
edited June 4 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$800 effective. Dangerous pro opens up front $20. I call in MP with A Q. Main villain (relative unknown MAWG, a bit on the tighter side) calls behind me in HJ or CO. 3 ways.

Important note for later: a folded hand gets flashed. 9 6

Flop Q J 5. EP cbets $45 into 60, I call, LP calls.

Turn 6. EP checks. I’m torn between betting and checking. I decide to check because I hold the A blocker and redraw. It would suck to get raised here. Villain in LP bets $75 into 150. EP folds, I call.

River 4. This is a brick. I check again and villain bets $100 into $250. This is a call given we have the A blocker and the 9 was exposed? Should we have bet turn or bet river?


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 357Subscriber
    I like the turn check. It's way ahead, way behind, and it would suck to get raised like you mentioned. I would prefer to bet something like A Tx as a bluff or AQ w/o A for protection. River, I like a check again and the price is good and I'm calling. I'm hoping to get shown down something like K Q or maybe AQ for a chop. Honestly, I think blockers are overrated.
    by 1CycleV
  • CycleV Posts: 1,103Subscriber
    If he's got 65 or 54 then nh sir. But I ain't folding.

    I'd rather 3! pre. "Dangerous pros" (and I'm not disputing your analysis) often have a much too wide EP rfi range, cuz they're used to tables where they won't get 3! very often. Send him some bad news.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,442Subscriber
    I'd call. Reason being even a MAWG can value bet a Q to get your Q to call. But he isn't aware enough of your Qx range. Since you XC twice you dont have the flush so why wouldn't he bet more OTT.

    The thing is you only have to be right slightly over 1 in 4 times. Can he be bluffing? 10% right there. Can he be betting KQ here? 15% right there. That's close enough for a call.
    by 1CycleV
  • hustlin Posts: 309Subscriber
    I would call the river with this sizing. its pretty close but ur high on ur range. A fold is reasonable too if villain doesnt bluff much.
    As played i dont mind betting the turn with TPTK and NFD here.
  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 157Subscriber
    I called figuring he is weighted towards Qx given so many flush combos are blocked. He had KTdd
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 122Subscriber
    The only hands that beat you here are KJdd, JTdd, KTdd, 78dd Plus 6 combos of QJ if he plays that offsuited and 3 combos of Pocket 5s. That's 13 combos. You beat KQ and Q10. So that's 14 combos. So easy call. Even if you take away Q10... there's 6 combos of KQ that'll bet. So it's a call getting 3.5-1
  • MattM Posts: 39Subscriber
    When the front door flush comes in and the pro checks, his range is still strong compared to your hand. If he had a bluff like AK or AT he is drawing relatively dead so the turn check is right IMO. The guy overcalling the flop could have a ton of flushes in his range. If we assume he is not betting anything worse than AQ on the river, then it seems to be a flush or KT/T9/AT. His turn sizing seems like value though, I would expect a larger sizing out of a bluff. I think we can rule out a ton of combos of QJ because of a high frequency of raising the flop, but his sizings kind of point towards 2p. As played I would just fold on the river unless he is a known button clicker.
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