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Low stakes capped games

Qw3Rtzui0p Posts: 36Member
Hi Im playing low stakes for livin 1/2€ and there is a lot of bad players.. Im quite swinging now, so just for my good or for others good i want to ask about some things and make sure that Im playing good..

These capped games arent that big about 60-70BBs average stacks mostly.. But sometimes there is a good game and deep aswell..

So with our 100BB stack im waiting just for make an double up, its better for me and for my image.. Like winning player who get cards.. I like this image becouse then I can loose little bit..

But these games are mostly like 4 or 5 limps and then u iso a good brodway cards and get lot of callers and then we are just waiting for hit the face card or something big..

Just want ask about these ranges.. Im open raising a tight range from upfront like ATo+ KJo+ QJs+ 77+.. Range where I want dominate players for most of time..

About overlimping range im not that sure what to overlimp... Im overlimping something decent, that can hit well and I can get payed off.. And Isoing similar range to my opening pre range.. Because these players cant fold postflop too much..

I will be very glad if someone post something here and we can make a discussion about this topic.. Thanks..
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