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Fold a full house w this action?

1400 eff. 2 5 game. Utg raises to 15, call, next player min raises to 30. Late POS calls. Well lets say I'm the late position player w 6c6d. Utg calls utg+1 calls. Flop is 7c8c9c. Chked to min 3 better who bets 60. I call w 66. Utg +1 calls. Turn is 6h. Chked to me. Bet 150 . Utg+1 calls pf 3 better folds. River is 8d. Utg +1 chks. I bet 300. Utg +1 chk raises all in for 1100 more. Hero? He ended up folding. Not sure I would've since the guy who chk raised played it so slow and nut flush he could have? 87? Do you fold here?


  • CycleV Posts: 1,102Subscriber
    On one level, a c/r from an ace high flush (which obv isn't the nut flush) is so bad that I can't imagine it. OTOH, you almost never have a full house here since very very few players wouldn't raise the flop with a set. But I don't give V's that much credit unless I know them.

    I wish you would format your hands better. I'm guessing at how much is in the middle on all streets, it's early before coffee time and I'm wishing you had listed pot sizes or even used commas. ;)

    As it stands, I'm not sure about the flop call, really there's 2 clubs we'll like and only sometimes would the other 3 fives be helpful. And if the turn is the Tc giving us the ass end of a SF, what donkey is going to put a lot of chips in the middle when there's 4 to a SF on board?

    I really don't like the turn bet, he definitely has straights, weaker flushes, and better sets in his range. The river bet/fold is a good line. That's CLP textbook, we just don't see river c/r bluffs hardly ever.
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