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Raise,call or fold 2-5 aria

tank766 Posts: 2Subscriber
Middle opens 25 (700ish), hero B call with TT(1100), Aggro SB 3 bet 105 (1600ish). Middle calls. RC or F??...
Hero calls. Flop T84ccc. SB checks, middle bet 350. RC or F?? Details on action revealed later.


  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 157Subscriber
    edited June 11
    I am inclined to 3bet pre vs a MP open, but if we are on the button without dead money to squeeze I can understand just calling. When an aggro player 3bets and we are deep, I like a call in position to play postflop. On the flop with top set in a 3bet pot I’m going to raise/GII here. We have 30% against a flush but I would expect to be up against many more overpairs with a club.
    by 1CycleV
  • CycleV Posts: 1,103Subscriber
    I agree with ^^^
  • tank766 Posts: 2Subscriber
    I thought about a 3bet pre to middle open but the open had been 15-20$ normal then he opened $25 it felt like strength, I agree calling and see flop against agg SB that’s what I did. I also agree raising flop even with SB behind and that’s what I did. Ended up getting it in with MP he had KQcc I bricked. I will say that I briefly thought about 4 bet pre to around 350$ but didn’t want to call a shove by SB for over 200bb. So settled on call instead. Thanks for input.
  • hustlin Posts: 309Subscriber
    As played I would 3bet pre in this spot against an MP open to get value.
    as played just flat the 3bet.
    On the flop I would jam this flop here or just smooth call the flop bet with intention of calling any turn
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