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$1/$2 nlhe. Flop calling plan. Valid?

Wtwebster Posts: 38Subscriber
V and I are each $400 deep. In the hj with JhJc I raise to $11 after two limpers. V in SB reraises to $35. Folds around to me. V is a player I’ve played with a lot, discussed strategy with and is one of the most consistent winners in my playing pool. Tight aggressive. I am fairly sure he’s got an over pair but AK is possible so I call. Flop is 10h 8h 10s. I check and V bets $45. Now I’m 90% sure he’s got aces or kings. But there are so many cards that can improve my hand: a J of course but any heart gives me backdoor hearts, any 9 gives me open ended, combo draws are possible etc. So here’s my question: I decide to call with the plan to check raise/shove any J or backdoor draw that hits the turn. Good or bad choice?

BTW the turn a is a total brick 3c or some shit so I’m done.



  • BTPoker Posts: 32Subscriber
    OTF, you mention you check and he bets $45. But you're in HJ and V is SB? He should be 1st to act. So you can't check/shove in this situation. And if you have that much certainty after his flop bet he is holding AA or KK, there really is no reason to continue. If a heart fell on the turn, are you really shoving with the non-nut flush draw? His combos of AA and KK contains a heart as well and would still stack you if the board ran out that way.
    by 1CycleV
  • Wtwebster Posts: 38Subscriber
    edited June 13
    Yeah, I misspoke. V was on the button, not SB. And I agree if his AA has a heart I’m toast. We talked afterwards and he said he had two black aces and ‘maybe’ would’ve folded to a shove if a heart came. In retrospect, though, what heart combo could I have to raise and call a 3 bet preflop. Not many. Probably a weak move and should have folded, if not to a 3-bet pre but definitely when I missed the flop.
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