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OESD adds FD on turn

RyaninDC Posts: 31Member
2/5 NLHE game, ~$500 effective
Villain: New to the table, but knows the dealer and the only other competent person at the table. This is a new poker room, so given their chatter, I assumed all three likely may have been regulars at another place in the region. He was shuffling chips and confident. Otherwise, no reads. Neither of us had been involved in a hand the first ~5-10 minutes of him sitting down.

Hero raises to $20 w QclubTclub in EMP and button is only caller.

Flop ($45): KclubJheart6diamond
Hero c-bets $30 and villain calls.

Turn ($105): 6club
Hero fires $70 (with intention of firing almost all rivers) and villain calls.

Question: Does anyone go for a check-raise in these spots rather than barrel? This could be an interesting discussion in itself. If it goes check-check, how often do you bluff blank rivers? Or usually just give up if we miss (I suspect this)?

River ($245): 3spade
Hero fires $165

Obviously firing 3-shells against a relative unknown isn't the greatest, but felt like I'd have heard from him already if he had KJ+ and combined with his perceived regulars status at another establishment (and of course my EMP opening range+shells)

Thoughts on bet sizing? I am trying to work on my river sizing in these types of spots and almost feel like this may be an area where I need to make a polarizing bet size. Perhaps not since this was a BDFD that came in, so less obvious. Open to comments though on that/all fronts.


  • NicholasK Posts: 237Member
    was the three of club or spade?
  • LeoSong Posts: 5Member
    Against what seems to be a decent reg, flop and turn bets are fine. On river before betting, I tank - give it about 20-30 seconds of silence then count out the bet and then put the $165.

    Good regs hate the tank/count-out/lead motion I've found and it works a lot of the time for me.
  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    OP is kind of unclear, you said a BDFD came in but you said you're worried about KJ?

    This is not a good board to triple as a bluff vs most players. What hands do you expect to call two streets and fold river?
  • RyaninDC Posts: 31Member
    Meant that BDFD showed up on the turn. I missed the river. Typed that fast this morning.
  • marseille Posts: 400Subscriber
    I don't think bet sizing is the issue; rather, how are you ranging opponent? As Aesah asks, what is he calling turn with that he won't call river with? Unless you have a read that he is drawing with bigger over or a pair and/or picked up some equity on turn, any value hand should be calling, no? Otherwise, why call turn? What do you think your perceived range is here?
  • RyaninDC Posts: 31Member
    That's a good point. I frankly just don't see regulars (now admittedly I'm using very limited info to get this read on this opponent) at these stakes call 3 shells with Kx here, even when nothing changes from turn to river. Hence the plan. It's just rare to see them calling because it is rare to see people fire 3 shells as a bluff around here/these stakes. Combine that with what I'd suspect is very frequently a capped range to Kx, fired away. But well could just be a bad spot.

    My perceived range should be something like value: 66/JJ/KK/AA/AK/KJ suited/76 suiited; bluffs: AcQc/QcJc/QcTc/JcTc (and a few other suited connected clubs) and maybe a few extra broadway draw combos.

    His range for calling the turn is probably Kx and the occasional slow played set turned boat/quads, although I think we can discount KK heavily and maybe JJ somewhat. He could well have 76s type hands two, although I'd expect a turn raise from that. He may also have some draw combos of his own, although I block the most obvious/best ones.
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