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2/5 flop top2 in multiway pot with a lead and raise...

fih Posts: 32Subscriber
edited June 13 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero has just sat down at the 2/5 game after waiting for a while. I buy in pretty deep to cover the weaker players.

UtG is a loose recreational player and a donater . V1 is a pro, plays a solid loose range and has a high 3 bet frequency. Capable of huge bluffs and putting the pressure on.

Utg straddles 10$ utg. V1 UTG1 raises to 30$, 3 calls and I have 8 5 on btn. I overcall. Not a good holding but with the price I'm getting guaranteed position post and the likelyhood its going multiway.
I thought it was not horrible?... I have 1800 eff and V1 covers me. UTG has like 1200$. 7 ways to flop of 8 5 4 . UTG bets into the field for 60$ into the pot of 210$. V1 raises to 200$. It folds to me? Raise or fold? Ive played with V1 plenty of times. This is a pretty strong raise being multi way. I block the top two cards blocking some of his value but also possibly block some PPSD hands .. so V1s range consists of 44. 67s, possible NFD especially A4hh and lots of over pairs and slim chance of 88 and 55 and maybe some PPD type hands.. Is putting in the flop 3 bet an overplay here? Raising or calling here is going to look extremely strong regardless.


  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 163Subscriber
    edited June 13
    UTG leading flop for 60 into 210 looks weak. From a bad player, this is indicative of 8x or a draw.

    When UTG1 pro raises flop, he should have a ton of overpairs and big semibluffs like 2 overs + NFD. I’m not necessarily giving him credit for a flopped straight or a set.

    I’m worried about a ton of action killing cards that could come. At a minimum there are 9 hearts, 3 offsuit sixes, 3 offsuit sevens — that’s 1/3 of the deck.

    Given that it’s a pro who raised flop, I’m leaning towards a flat call and see what he does OTT. If we raise, it’s going to look like we have a monster. Calling looks strong too, but at least it opens the door to the possibility that we’re on a draw.
  • MattM Posts: 39Subscriber
    Looks like a good spot to just flat and keep UTG in there. A 3bet may get the pro to fold all made hands that you beat, like overpairs. If UTG calls as well and the turn is a brick, now I like a 2/3~ pot bet with our increase in equity against draws. This is assuming that the pro is going to check to you on the turn with everything that you beat. If the pro leads the turn large again on a brick I'm going to flat again, pray for a brick, and ship the river if checked to.
  • fih Posts: 32Subscriber
    I ended up flatting. Turn was the 8 . He bets 260$, I flat again.... river is the 4 . I lose only to 44 here. He bets 575$. I jam for all my 1400ish left. He folded.
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