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Check Raised on the Flop

V is an aggressive player definitely capable of bluffing. 1/3/6 410 effective H covers. Straddle on. 5 limpers, H to 40 with AcQs, SB, Straddle and UTG +1 all call. Pot: 182. Flop: Qd 10d 4s. Checks to H who bets 70. folds to UTG +1 who C/R All-in for 300 more. Pot:622. Hero?

Also facing 5 limpers and a pot of 39 (1 is dropped pre for BBJ) what do you think the raise sizing should be on the button with AQo, and do you like the Flop sizing?


  • CycleV Posts: 1,096Subscriber
    edited June 14
    1/3/6, I'm opening to 20 if rfi. With more than half the table limping in, you gotta go bigger to thin the field. Using the standard +1BB per limper (in this case $6), $50 seems reasonable. I don't even mind more, so much dead money there.

    As played, I don't love the flop sizing. I'm such an old man, but this downsizing fetish is SOOOO misapplied. It should be used when 2-3 handed and on dry-ish flops. None of that applies here. It's a wet board and you've got 3 V's. Someone if not multiple someones likely has a made hand or a draw, you gotta get value.

    He never has QQ or TT and shouldn't really have any QTo. There's only 2 QTs and he really should have raised that as well, or dumped it pre. Anyway, there's 3 sets of 44 and 2 QTs against a host of possible draws. Getting 2-1, he only need two hands like 87dd to make the call. Just gonna have to shrug-gii.

    EDIT: If enough people come back and say it's a fold, then I'm cool with rethinking this one. My problem is that I don't know enough about V. 44 makes the most sense, but literally every other hand he "shouldn't" have. So I need to know if he would l/c with SC. Looking back to preflop, he did overcall after a couple other calls, so he could have figured he's likely to see a flop and have some implied odds with a hand like that.
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 118Subscriber
    This is my first time playing with the V. I had seen him raise preflop a few times before this hand, had not seen a check/raise on the flop from him.
  • Arenzano Posts: 1,400Subscriber
    Preflop: Your choice of sizing is a little small in my opinion. $40 just seems too light here. I would consider $55 - 60, maybe even more. You have a 34bb stack given the straddle.

    With your small raise and the resultant callers, I am not sure what a 40% bet size is going to do here? I do not get the feeling you were trying to induce a raise, so you'll need to examine the purpose of the bet. In my opinion, you either should be betting more e.g. 66 - 70% and be willing to get the money in absent other information or checking back and looking to evaluate the turn for a delayed cbet.

    Given you're description of the villain and his aggressive nature, he can be doing this with a wide variety of hand combos, but the SPR is basically 2 and you are close to the top of range in this spot. Seems like an easy call. Sometimes we will win this, sometimes we just lose.
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 118Subscriber
    I tanked and called. V had A3ss and bricked out. I just couldn't find anything I lose to that V had with the limp-call on the flop other than 44.

    Purpose of the bet was to get called by a weaker Q, or something like A10 or K10. I could see betting more to try to deny equity, but we can't we still get it in on turn or river? Pot was 322 with a call and 200 behind. But the more I think about it, the more I think you guys are probably right that I should bet more on the flop.
  • JLBJ Posts: 171Subscriber
    After all the calls, even though it’s a single-raised pot, the SPR is 2. Sometimes you will be beat, but this is a shrug-call.
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