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Opening KQo and facing a small 3-bet

JredA Posts: 64Subscriber
$2/5 Local Casino - $500 max buy in

Hero is in the LJ with KQo and an $800 stack and is the effective stack.

Hero opens for $15.

CO makes it $35. I have yet to see this player 3-bet and do not have much info about his 3-betting range, but I assume it is on the tighter side as we have played for a few hours and it is his first 3-bet.

SB calls.

Action is back on Hero.

KQo is certainly not a hand I want to call a 3-bet with OOP regularly. But facing basically a min-raise and a call I feel we are getting too good of a price to fold.

Is calling pre here a mistake?


  • Latrell1515 Posts: 235Subscriber
    There's now $90 in the pot and only $20 more to call-your getting 4.5 to call, so yes you call
  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 156Subscriber
    I generally wouldn't call a 3b with a hand like KQo. That being said, we are deep and the 3b in this case is just a click-back. We can call, but I would proceed very cautiously even if we hit top pair.
  • hustlin Posts: 308Subscriber
    what the 2 above posters said
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