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Top 2, facing lots of aggression

2-5 game at a local casino, effective stacks are roughly 800. Villain is unknown older guy. I'm new to the room, so I don't have much of an image.

Staddle on. UTG+2 (villain) calls. Laggy guy in cutoff calls. Hero on button with A♣Q♠. Raise to $40. Blinds and saddle fold. villain and laggy guy call.

Flop: A♦Q♣8♦. Checks to me. I bet out $50. Villain makes it $120. laggy guy folds. I call.

Turn: 4♦. Villain makes it $250. I call.

River is 6×. Villain shoves rest of his stack for roughly $350. ???.

Advice on all streets welcome. I felt like I was put to two tough decisions, but didn't know how best to structure my action to avoid these, if possible.


  • CycleV Posts: 1,096Subscriber
    3 combos of 88, maybe 6-7 combos of flushes, against 3 A8s that don't always bet 3 streets anyway. If the guy has KJ spades or something, he's a baller, but I'm folding the river. Maybe even turn, to an old guy.
  • streetintrigue Posts: 5Subscriber
    edited June 17
    Limp/call in early position pre flop screams mid range pocket pair, so big possibility of a set of 8s. I think check raising with the non nut flush is less likely but you could possibly put him on something like KJd/KQd/KTd. Just can't see him limp/calling with AK pre flop so I find it hard to think of many combos that are betting for value that you beat, and the obvious semi bluff on the flop gets there on the turn.

    Definitely folding river.
  • barry20calvin81 Posts: 31Subscriber
    edited June 18
    I definitely hear you, but laying down on the turn seems so weak/exploitable (if the flop had come 2, A, 8, and we had a set of 2s, would we really lay it down to same action?) and the pot is pretty large compared to his bet on the river (call $350 to win $1200). Maybe it is one of those situations, so be it, but I felt like it was all wrong options, making me think that I structured my hand incorrectly.
  • ds2uared Posts: 369Subscriber
    I like 3-betting the flop. 3 combos of 88 that beat you. A lot more straight and flush combo-draws. 2 combos A8s. His raise size is small, too. That pushes the needle a little toward draws and weak top pair hands.

    You also get to take initiative back in the hand.

    As played, I can definitely see myself folding this turn. I do agree that is exploitable. But you just sat down at the table and are facing an old guy. It makes it less likely he's going to be overvaluing his non-flush value hands on this turn and he almost certainly won't be running a multi-street bluff versus an unknown.

    The river is a fold 6 out of 5 times.

  • barry20calvin81 Posts: 31Subscriber
    edited June 18
    yeah, I guess not three betting flop was a big mistake here. I was worried about blowing old guy off of the hand when I was so strong, but now I see this would have avoided this situation.

    In terms of the river fold, the size of his bet compared to pot doesn’t move us at all? What if the all-in bet was just $200?
  • Superfly Posts: 373Subscriber
    edited June 18
    V check raises flop, leads turn, shoves river. I agree with everyone else that this looks like you are beat. I give him more big combo draws than sets because the diamond on the turn didn’t phase him a bit.

    I think you played it fine and that folding river is the right decision even though you’re getting decent odds to call. Your hand seems too strong to fold the turn, and you have a chance of boating up.
  • barry20calvin81 Posts: 31Subscriber
    This was my thinking on the river, which was obviously flawed: the semi-bluff would usually raise more on the flop (to have SOME fold equity, given that the range hit my hand a lot), so the chances that he was running some sort of odd, multi-street bluff (rather than having a set of 8s, or a poorly sized flop semi-bluff that hit) was enough to justify the river call, given the pot size, even though most of the time I would lose. So I made a crying call.... and he had AK, a possibility that I must admit I didn't really take into account. I think the river call is going to lose me money in the long term, so I definitely agree with you guys that this was bad play by me. I do like the suggestion of a three bet on the flop.
  • jojacks Posts: 86Subscriber
    Just a weird line by Villain all the way around. Was it A× K at least?
  • hustlin Posts: 308Subscriber
    As played i would puke fold the turn. Turn is really the critical decision here. If your calling this turn you pretty much have to call off the river because of the stack sizes and the pot odds. So remember if your calling turn, plan to call river if nothing has changed. you only got 4 outs to improve to a full house here

    Also I would raise the flop here. Get some value from flushes and weaker A like A8 Q8s, etc.
  • Superfly Posts: 373Subscriber
    You definitely want to look for this guy the next time you go to the casino. This guy was way too passive pre and way too aggressive post. That’s a profitable combination for you.
  • Chester Drafman Posts: 36Subscriber
    I think since there is the flush draw on the flop it’s a slam dunk 3bet on the flop to something like 420. Get it in, get it over with. If he has 88 you lose.
  • ds2uared Posts: 369Subscriber
    One last comment, preflop needs to be $50-$65 depending on the table dynamics. $40 is way too small in a straddled pot with 2 limps. Your standard open is $30-$40 from the button but there are 2 limps before your action. Bump it up.
  • barry20calvin81 Posts: 31Subscriber
    Thank you, everyone. Really good feedback.
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