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cooler, or poor play - or both?

Greyorg Posts: 18Subscriber
Hi everyone.

I am new to this site - and this is my first post.

Thanks in anticipation of your comments

1/3 NLHE, Crown Casino Melbourne, midnight-ish Sunday night/Monday morning - 8 handed. The players are a mixture of recreational players and regulars, most players playing a TAG style, but with a bit of pre-flop limping in the hour leading up to this hand with most raises resulting in 2 -3 way hands to the flop.

Hero has a TAG image - but has also shown a couple of bluffs in the hour leading up to this hand, including three barrelling 7,9 os in position three way on a king high dry board.

The mood is friendly, with relaxed conversation between a the players - including hero and villian who are getting on well.

Villain is a middle aged friendly and seemingly decent European man - a regular but probably recreational player - who has been happy to voluntarily show winning hands to the table on a number of occasions.

The game is turbo format - each player has 10 seconds to act, and can buy 30 seconds of time twice in a hand at the cost of one big blind each time

Effective stack size is $500 (Villain)

Hero is in the small blind, villain is on the button

Three players limp, hero raises to 21 with 9,9 (neither a club) - only villian calls. Prior to calling he makes a speech to Hero "Will I, won't I call, maybe I'll get lucky....I call"

The pot is about $48

The flop comes 8,9.A - two clubs.

Hero bets 25, villian raises to $50 and says " you can fold - I'll show - I'm happy to win what's there". Hero believes he is strong, given his (credible) pre flop speech and puts him on a small range of 88, or A,8 - for a smaller set or two pair

Hero three bets to $100, villian calls

The pot is about $248

The turn is an off suit Ace -the board is now 8,9,A,A - Hero books up.

Villian goes all in for his remaining $380 and hero calls - fairly quickly

Villian shows A,8 for a flopped two pair and a turned (better) boat than Hero

Hero does not quad up!

Any feedback on Hero's play would be appreciated - in particular, can Hero ever find a fold on the turn?

Thanks again in anticipation



  • CycleV Posts: 1,096Subscriber
    The guy 2-outed ya, it happens. If you start folding boats at this level, you'll never make money!

    welcome aboard
  • Greyorg Posts: 18Subscriber
    Thx cycleV
  • brick Posts: 127Subscriber
    edited June 17
    Q: Did you check the turn? If so I think you need to bet.
  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 156Subscriber
    So many villains will overplay any Ax here. You can essentially never fold middle set at this stack depth.
  • Greyorg Posts: 18Subscriber
    Thanks brick, my mistake, I bet 100 on the turn, villain raises all in

    Sorry about that
  • Greyorg Posts: 18Subscriber
    Thanks piggy
  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 769Subscriber
    How does the clock work? Physically I mean. Is there one timer on the table and the dealer has to keep restarting the 10 second clock every player? Seems like that would be a lot of work to put on the dealer.
  • Greyorg Posts: 18Subscriber
    Hi RR

    The dealer has a 10 second timer which he/she picks up after a couple of seconds and says "you have 10 seconds...' and they can press a button for the additional 30 seconds - it probably is a lot of work for the dealer - but the casino gets or 2 BBs out of it - as well as the universe's highest rake - 10% of the pot capped at $15 - per pot!
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