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What to do with KK preflop?

tata123 Posts: 15Subscriber
edited June 17 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
This hand I will put it into Villain's perspective.

2/5 Eff: $1200

UTG (Hero) just tops up to $1200 on this hand.

UTG bet $25. MP1 3-bets to $80. Villain (MP2) calls with KK.

Fold to UTG 4-bets to $405. MP1 folds. Villain?

Villain tanks for a long time and folds. Hero has KK.


  • QuantumSurfer Posts: 138Subscriber
    Just don't fold. Either way stacks are gonna go in. I guess flatting would be the best b/c a lot of the population will fold out their QQ/AK to a jam. I'd prefer to 4b KK myself after mp 3bets.
  • ds2uared Posts: 369Subscriber
    Villain should 4-bet preflop. I am back and forth on the sizing though. Villain might want to size small in order to keep in some 99-QQ and AK.

    However, Villain is deep and I prefer to raise larger in general with deep stacks. I think villain should 4! $250. Thoughts?

    As played, Villain should call here and call down with a favorable flop/runout. Unfortunately, Villain's going to have a pot-sized bet left. But I'd be hard pressed to see UTG bluff Villain off with a worse hand if an Ace comes out when Villain has position in a 4! pot.

    And if he is unlikely to bluff you out of a pot, that means Villain should also fold when UTG bets an Ace on the board. I'd probably call up to a $250 bet on the flop if an Ace lands to see if that freezes him on the turn. Anything more than that I'd probably fold.

  • ds2uared Posts: 369Subscriber
    I just read the results. What does Hero do if Villain shoves? If Villain calls? What does Hero do on an Ace-high board?
  • hustlin Posts: 308Subscriber
    You can Jam here or flat and plan to get the money in on the flop and turn. Really depends on your style.
    Pot will be 900 on the flop you will have less than 1 PSR at this point.

    I don't think you can really fold here since you have under repped your KK in this position. Even though it seems very strong by villain. Just hope he has AK lol.
  • Chase Posts: 120Subscriber
    edited June 20
    This preflop config is ripe for UTG to have a decent amount of 4b! "bluffs" in theory (but in practice, as you know, most people don't 4b! as a bluff). So folding KK doesn't seem like a good idea. Also, in theory, there shouldn't be a cold-call range facing a 3b!
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