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$2/$5 Top Pair Versus Tight All-in Type

ds2uared Posts: 369Subscriber
Villain is regular. Plays almost exactly the same range from every positon. Every pair, every KQo, AKo-AJo, ATs-AKs, TJs, QJs, KQs. His 3-bet range is QQ+ but is known to flat with KK+. Buys in for $300 and will call often with top pair down to the river with proper sizing. Will openly sigh disgustedly when he misses the flop. Will bomb with his big hands so he doesn't get sucked out on. He is the only player I have ever met who flat out lies about his hand. Nice guy, though.

Hero raises to $25 A K. UTG+1 calls. HJ calls. Villain calls from CO.

$100. Flop K J 3. Hero bets $40. Fold, fold. Villain calls ($200 behind).

$180. Turn T. Hero bets all-in.



  • GarlandGarland Posts: 355Subscriber
    edited June 18
    Bet more on the flop, $55-$65. Other than that fine. He can still call with hands like KQ or QT. If you check are you planning on folding to a bet? If no, I think going all-in is the way to play it. Don't give any free cards.
  • hustlin Posts: 308Subscriber
    yeah what Garland said. I would be 50% pot at least. As played looks find. Jamming the turn is ideal here.
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