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1/2 min-raise 4-bet preflop

ChaosInEquilibrium Posts: 32Subscriber
edited June 18 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
This is a general question about reads and preflop ranges.

Villain MAWG is one of the most conservative players in an otherwise loose game.

Hero is YWG unknown to table.

Villain (300) opens UTG to 15 and Hero 3bets the BTN to 45. Villain now 4bets to 90.

4bets are so infrequent at 1/2 that I think Villain's range is at least as tight as QQ+, possibly KK+. My question is if reads can weight him towards KK+ or possibly toward a weaker hand.

Two thoughts: (1) If Villain is the type to limp-raise AA then we can reduce some number of AA combos. (2) The min-raise sizing from OOP is so weird. It strikes me as begging to be called. Does QQ ever use this sizing?

Given our reads, QQ for Hero is a clear fold. My question is: Is KK a shrug fold, shrug shove, snap shove, or maybe call/evaluate?



  • jojacks Posts: 87Subscriber
    In my limited 1/3 experience, a conservative MAWG clicking back a 4! is heavily weighted towards AA. With KK and QQ they are much more likely to call and hope to see a good flop, or 4! and get it in to make you pay to outdraw them.

    It may be nitty, but I think shrug fold is the play. I could get behind call/evaluate, too, especially if you think there is a potential tilt factor.
    by 1CycleV
  • CycleV Posts: 1,143Subscriber
    A 4bet from anyone who looks like they voted for Reagan, I'm mucking KK with only the tiniest of regret.
    by 1jojacks
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