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$2/$5 Pair and Flush Draw

ds2uared Posts: 369Subscriber
Villain is rec player whose stack has dwindled from too many limp-calling situations. Eff. stack $335.

4 limps. Hero in SB completes with 4 3 BB checks.

$23 Flop 3 7 9 Hero checks, checks around to villain who bets $35. Hero calls???

$93 Turn J Hero checks, villain bets $85, Hero calls.

$263 River T. Hero puts villain all-in $215.

Should I be calling an overbet on the flop in this situation?
Is the turn call too loose?
Should I be check-raising at any time in the hand given his large sizing?


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 355Subscriber
    edited June 19
    What is villain bet pattern indicate? Is he always overbetting? Is this the first time? (i.e. does his bet sizing clue you in on the strength of his hand?)

    I would like to raise this flop with the intent of getting it in. You want to clean up your outs vs. other draws. If someone has A x and comes along you're ahead.

    As played, I would fold the turn. You shouldn't call almost 2:1 with reduced implied odds, one card to come & out of position.

    As played, I would check the river. You are purely attempting to make villain fold exploitatively based on the one-liner. Your opponent will dissect your calling the flop and turn to see how you would have an 8. and he will also see the busted flush draw. His bet pattern indicates he has 2 pair plus, and I've seen too many head shrug "sigh, if you got it, you got it" calls to make this a profitable bluff.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,096Subscriber
    I agree with the line from Garland, though I would never expect a guy with less than a full stack to read a board enough to justify a play. I do agree he doesn't fold enough though.
  • hustlin Posts: 308Subscriber
    As played you can C/F turn or river , its up to u.
    On flop you can X/R or C/C . I would X/R just cause you have some F/E here you want to maximize
  • Chase Posts: 120Subscriber
    Was V first limper or over-limper?

    As long as V was not the first limper then I would probably x-r flop, around $115.

    In this spot, just because V technically overbet, that doesnt mean that (in practice) he actually has the narrow, strong, and polarized range that he is repping (in theory). H will want to have a x-r range here. Your hand seems like a good combo to include in that x-r range.

    By making a raise to some amount like $115, you threaten to play for stacks and you will have FE in my experience. Just because V bet $35 when checked to in a limped pot doesn't mean he is likely to have a range that wants to play for stacks.

    Assuming 1) you're going to lead riv when you hit, and 2) this guy is going to make calling errors agaisnt your lead: then you're getting sufficient implied odds to call. Check raising all in is also reasonable if you have FE, but I'm guessing against a V like that we wont have much FE, so I'd probably x-c.

    Garland made a compelling case against attempting a riv bluff here.
  • ds2uared Posts: 369Subscriber
    I tend to not think I have much fold equity when a) when a player limp-called and b) overbets the pot on the flop and c) continues aggression on the turn. I think I should have folded the turn as I am no longer getting the right price.

    Villain open mucked 77 for a flopped set. I still think I should capitalize on fold equity more earlier in the hand and let it go when they are adamant with their bet sizing they have it on the turn.
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