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$2/5 Flopping TPTK facing Donk Lead

JredA Posts: 64Subscriber
$2/5 Local Casino ($500 Max)

$600 eff

I open A K to $20 from the CO.

SB calls. BB calls.

BB is main villain. He has been at the table for a few orbits and has so far played pretty tight pre flop and very straight forward post flop.

I did see him show down one hand where he opened AQs from EP. Was called by the BTN.

The hand checked through on a KT4 r flop.

Checked through on a 6 r turn.

On a J river the EP villain bet 3/4 pot. The BTN then raised rather large. Villain from EP then jammed and BTN called showing Q9s which was no good.

Flop ($60) = A Q 3

SB ch. BB donks for $45. I call. SB folds.

I contemplated raising here, but we are pretty deep and I did not want to get 4-bet and fold. Even though I think he has few bluffs here, I wanted to keep them in and see how he proceeds. I also did not want him folding a hand like AT or AJ.

Turn ($150) = 6

BB $80. I call.

River ($310) = 9

BB $175.

Fold..Call..Or Raise?

To me this came down to folding or calling as I am getting a pretty good price. Would love to hear some thoughts....


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 355Subscriber
    edited June 19
    I don't mind the line. On river, he has too many Ax to fold. Expect to see Aces up/33 sometimes, but as played I'm calling.
  • deadinaditchdeadinaditch Posts: 226Subscriber
    Donk raises are usually (but not always) weak. Sometimes you'll see a set or 2 pair type of hand trying to protect against a draw on a wet board when they beat the pre-flop raisers range but generally they're the ones with the draw and they're trying to set they're own price. Don't let them. Raise flop, bet turn, call river.
    by 1CycleV
  • CycleV Posts: 1,096Subscriber
    Yeah I don't usually raise flop but I want to add it more to my arsenal. If he has AQ or a set he'll let you know on a board this wet. Meanwhile we charge any draws he has and get some value (usually) from AJ or AT, esp with a spade.
  • Chase Posts: 120Subscriber
    Raising the flop seems best. In my experience, BB donk range in spots like this is a lot FD and some AX; it's very rare for it to be 2p+. V is repping a strong range by leading into the PFR in a multiway pot on a flop that connects well with the PFR's range. H has many combos of nutty hands in range, so there is no issue having a raising frequency facing this donk lead. Raising this particular hand does a good job of making the pot bigger in case you win (when V calls with draws or AX), and also a good job of denying the opponents opportunities to realize their equity. A considerable downside to not raising is that you're giving SB a great price to continue closing the action.

    As played, my advice for the river is that it depends of course. Besides many other factors, it is opponent-dependent. Against certain V it's an easy fold, while against another it might be an easy raise for value. I can imagine sigh-calling vs the given V.
  • hustlin Posts: 308Subscriber
    damn my long message got deleted I misclicked. too lazy to retype lol.

    anyways against a relatively unknown I will call here given the pot odds. its a good price. u can be against 2 pair+ but you cant fold AK top of ur range hand in this spot.
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