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Million maker hand

floater Posts: 68Subscriber
Day 2: Joe Cada Dave phan, Barry Hutter and another main event final table guy at my table.
Folds to me on button I have KdKh and raise to 6000 blinds are 1200/2400. I have 27bb.
Bb calls (final table guy)
Flop is Qd 2d 7rag
I bet 6K
He raises to 19K
I’m thinking diamond draw
I have Kd.

What does hero do?

Don’t look below if you don’t want to see my play but would like feedback:

I push. He calls. He has Ad3d. Nails the d on the turn
I don’t see how else to play.
Call and fold diamond?


  • ds2uared Posts: 369Subscriber
    edited June 24
    Yeah. It was well played. But this isn't even close. You have an overpair to the top pair on the board in a 54BB pot. You have fold equity versus a flush draw with $30k more raise. You can get them to fold out their equity right now.

    Additionally, QX is going to call at least some of the time.

    You're also on the button. Your range should be a bit wider and he might be overplaying a draw or top pair.

    But I am definitely a cash game player mostly so maybe I am off base here in a tournament.

  • fishcake Posts: 962Subscriber
    Easiest shove ever. Why do you guys have to ask to do what to with 27bb and an overpair? It's a tournament. NEVER FOLD EVER IN A MILLION YEARS JESUS.
  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    edited June 24
    Yes at 27BB u are all in, all day here imo, at 270 BB calling and evaluating the turn and river considering folds on diamonds makes sense. That’s the standard and in my opinion most GTO way to play the hand. In this spot vs. A full range this is the best overall play.
    If u wanted to walk the exploitative line (which can sometimes be very good and genius and often times be horribly bad )& u where almost 100% certain he had ace high diamonds all the time, yes waiting until at least the turn to get it in when u have a larger equity advantage is better. I personally doubt that u had a good enough and certain enough read to know he only has diamonds in this spot but if u are 100% certain sure do the risky exploitative play of calling flop with these shallow stacks and hero folding when a flush makes. Be ready though if u start playing overly exploitative u will get exploitated by good players, which makes getting it in, the best overall play against his full range, which should include some top pairs.
  • floater Posts: 68Subscriber
    JKH I’m not 100% certain it’s flush draw. Could be a big Q, making a play etc.
    BTW: all those players: Cade, Hutter, the main event guy who took me out were very friendly, talkative and made the table a great experience
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