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Floating oop

marseille Posts: 400Subscriber
Just wanted a line check on this play- profitable or spewy? I'm undecided.

Hero limps UG with 78cc at a soft 2/5 table. One overlimp, V raises to 25 on B, SB and BB
call, H calls, limper folds. Flop 10d6c6s ($100). Checked to V who bets 35, folded to H. I decide
to float with intention of betting out any non A, K, or Q. V is taggish, competent, widens opening range
in lp. Turn is 6h, I bet 75, V calls. River is an 8 and I check fold to a 200 bet on river. I thought this was a good spot to exploit my perceive
limping range and V's cbetting range and get V off overs or small pairs. His smallish bet on flop in retrospect was a little curious and perhaps should have concerned me.
Is this sort of line worth it given context? There's a little meta game going on here, since we play together some. He probably views me as competent, taggy as well.




  • DavidChan Posts: 1,208Pro
    I would just CR flop to $105 if you think Villain is weak when he c-bets small (35% pot).
  • Qw3Rtzui0p Posts: 36Member
    I dont like the whole idea of limping EP SCs and then calling to a Preflop raiser OOP.. It is such a tough spot then to play OOP vs multi opponents..
  • DavidChan Posts: 1,208Pro
    The limp-call preflop here isn't that bad because OP has good relative position. He gets to see what the other field players do first after the PFR c-bet.

    obviously, OP is still OOP to the PFR, but this preflop scenario isn't really that tough a spot
  • marseille Posts: 400Subscriber
    I thought call/ bet turn would in some ways be more persuasive than checkraise, since if I was ahead on flop there wasn't alot to be afraid of given his likely range. Swapping places, if he tried to blow me off with checkraise after I bet small, I would be more inclined to call there than I would if he called the flop and bet out on turn. Is this wrongheaded?

    I really agree that connectors oop are usually not profitable. But this particular game wasn't punishing limpers and there were alot of multiway pots with people who can't fold. Also, sometimes the limp checkraise can come in handy when someone in lp makes a move to scoop up pot.
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