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$1/$3 Turn/River plan

$1/$3 $350 effective, 7 handed. Villain is Woman in her 50’s who limp-calls far more often than raising when entering a pot. The only reason she has chips is because she spiked a 2-outer with 77 in a 3-way pot after putting in $40 (of her $125) pre-flop and calling off on 542. (I'm not bitter, I just think it helps illustrate the player type.)

Villain limps from UTG+1, folds to Hero in CO who iso raises to $15 with
K 8, everyone else folds. ($30)

Flop is Q J T. She checks, Hero bets $20, Villain calls. ($70)

Turn is 3. Villain checks, what should Hero's turn/river plan be?


  • PokerShaman Posts: 93Subscriber
    There aren't many overpairs she could be calling the flop with this time. :wink:

    If you think she is capable of folding a pair, this is a find barrel card for you. Moreover, any card that makes your hand is going to shut down the action (although it will be harder for her to put you on a backdoor spade draw).

    I would say fire about $50 on the turn, and check it back if we miss.

    Incidentally, I think K8s is a bit light for iso-ing a player whose most prominent sin is calling too much. Iso-ing works best when there is fold equity, either before or after the flop.
    by 1CycleV
  • JLBJ Posts: 172Subscriber
    I agree with Shaman. A little too weak to iso with against someone you expect will call. Would barrel turn and give up on the river if you miss.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,144Subscriber
    edited June 30
    It's not an iso so much as it is a straight steal attempt, in which case you need to apply a bit more pressure like $20...but I agree with both ^^ that you are better off picking on someone who we know will l/f pre.

    Postflop, I think a delayed cbet works much better here. The only folds we're gonna get on the flop are baby PP, and those will fold the turn anyway. But Ax might peel the flop, in which case we're gonna have to barrel multiple streets against basically an uncapped range on a wet board. I don't like that because I'm not allergic to money. But Ax unless it has a fd as well is less likely to call a turn bet with just 1 card left to come.
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