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Feedback on 1/2 Hand

ChaiRyan Posts: 5Subscriber
edited July 6 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Sometimes I find myself in a hand that I normally wouldn't see myself playing, and then I flop gin and want to make sure I'm getting maximum value. Here is the scenario:

LJ Limps (Stack size: $111), Button Limps ($168), SB completes ($124), Hero is in BB with 6 4 ($181), and checks option.

Flop ($8):
2 5 3

SB checks, Hero checks, LJ checks, Button bets $5, SB check-raises to $15, Hero?

Button is an elderly woman, hasn't been playing too many hands. SB is similar, an older gentleman that I've seen be nothing but a calling station. I've so far only seen him show down weak Ax holdings on some uncoordinated boards, but play pretty straight forward. I also hadn't seen him re-raise a flop bet yet, none the less re-raise any players initial bet on any street.

With that being said, I have a bet and a re-raise in front of me with the nuts, now with $28 in the pot, what's my best move?

To spare any detail, I ended up re-raising to $50, and both players folded.


  • ChaiRyan Posts: 5Subscriber

    Had to change action on flop, I copied and pasted wrong :]
  • jojacks Posts: 86Subscriber
    I think as a general rule the best way to get max value when flopping a monster from the blinds is a bet/bet/bet line. At small stakes the absolute size of the bet is more important than the ratio of the bet size to the pot, so you can over-bet the flop in a limped pot and still get some light calls.

    Does SB ever not complete?

    Because a check/3-bet line looks so strong, I think you're going to fold out too many holdings unless Villains are total calling stations, so I like a call. Then we can re-evaluate Villain's hand strength on turn and act accordingly.
    by 1CycleV
  • ds2uared Posts: 375Subscriber
    Lead this flop. If they fold, the most likely scenario when checking is 2 small streets of value on the turn and river IF they pair on on the turn. But by betting this flop, you'll get some Ace-high hands and definitely flush draws to call.

    And @jojacks is right. You can overbet this on the flop and maybe even the turn. Players at this level usually have no regard for pot size. It's all about absolute dollars.

    As played, just this is a good raise. For the same reason stated above. Although you are likely viewed as strong, they likely don't have the discipline to fold some top-pair or 2-pair hands, which are the only hands you're likely getting value from going forward.
    by 1CycleV
  • ChaiRyan Posts: 5Subscriber
    I appreciate the feedback! Looking back on this hand, I didn't think of all possible scenarios before my first action. On the flop, I was already planning on check-raising, and didn't consider what to do if someone else 3bet/check-raises before action made its way back to me (this is 1/2 after all, I hardly ever see that type of action). So I instead still went with my original plan to check raise, and likely folded out hands that I can still extract value from.

    I like the idea of leading the flop, that way if I get raised the villain may feel like he's already committed, or I can flat call and likely jam on any brick turn (although that may be awkward with the stack sizes). Either way, thank you all for helping me think this through.
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