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AA on the btn, straddled

kasspav Posts: 13Subscriber
edited July 7 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero Btn A A
Effective around $815

Straddle UTG fairly Laggy.
Folds to us we make it $30.
UTG calls.
Flop Q 4 2 ($55)
We bet $40, villain calls
Turn 5
Villain leads $65. We raise to $175. Villain goes allin.



  • CycleV Posts: 1,102Subscriber
    Well he either led out with a blocker bet semi-bluff, or he either flopped or turned a hand that is minimum 2p. Not a lot of V's will 3! jam on a bluff, when you practically told the guy you have AQ at a minimum. If he tried the block bet he likely would have just called. I'm guessing you're beat here. To call you need to be right more than a third of the time.
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