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2/5 nl, KK raises donk lead and turns set..

fih Posts: 32Subscriber
edited July 7 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Pretty juicy 2/5 game with deep stacks and plenty of action with frequent straddling

Hero stack 2500$

No straddle this hand and I raise utg to 20$ with K K . Utg 1 calls, HJ and SB calls.

UTG (2000$) is a drunk donating regular. Habitually spews chips when drinking and has plenty of history with hero and will call me with seemingly any two cards in attempt to bust me. I've hero called this villain several times and he is eager to play pots with me.

SB is a loose aggressive player (covers) who raises often with a very wide range and calls raises very wide. Has been running like a god this session and is being quite active. Early in session I triple barrel bluffed him and he called me with turned top pair. I feel SB mostly views me as a solid player capable of some bluffs. He has also donked into me when he flopped trips on a QQx board and I raised his donk lead with AK and barreled turn the checked river giving up... he had Q5o

Flop is 80$ comes 8 9 10 SB donks into me 40$
I raise to 150$ thinking he could be donking here with plenty of PPSD, JJ, draws etc I can still protect against and still get value from. UTG1 flats my 150$. Hj folds and SB calls.

Turn (530$) comes K SB checks I bet 300$, targeting the same hands on the flop but now also beating the sets he may have donked with as well. UtG1 flats the 300$... SB now thinks for 30 seconds and makes a raise to 1200$

Back on hero... ? I obviously lose to the straights, but still beat quite a few hands. His line is so strong I dont feel he is bluffing but not sure if he is value raising with worse?


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 355Subscriber
    edited July 7
    This flop is horrible for your hand being so deep that raising feels like an overplay. I’m just calling trying to get to showdown cheaply but also evaluating turn and river cards and action for opportunities for value. Your best run out is probably some form of running low pair like 22.

    As played the turn move is so strong. The turn card is so bad because you’re literally blocking so many turned 2 pair, and I doubt any combo of two pair w/ no K overplays it so much. No flush draw emerged. A flopped set is likely to put in a 3-bet on the flop. I’m thinking he most probably has some straight and is playing it tricky waiting for a non-paired board to pounce. I’m probably making the *sigh* fold here. Interesting hand. Would be interested in other opinions out there.
    by 1CycleV
  • CycleV Posts: 1,102Subscriber
    Not only am I not raising the flop, if there were 3 people left to act (2 behind us and one who naturally checked to the raiser from a blind), I wouldn't even cbet.
    by 1Garland
  • ds2uared Posts: 374Subscriber
    I don't mind a raise when you get donked in to on the flop. Everyone will have to play their hand face up. And there's a lot you can get value from.

    That's also why I check this turn.

    I would never fold here. You have to call 900 to win 2,300. I have to think if the board pairs you'll get paid by a straight at least some amount.
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