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Extracting Max Value In This $2/$2 Spot

jmarsh9388 Posts: 2Subscriber
edited July 8 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hey guys,

Been working on improving my bet sizing lately, and ran into a spot I think could gauge where I’m at with it. So far it’s a pretty normal 2/2 table. A bunch of LP fish, except for V1 who’s immediately to my right. He’s got about $1k, and has been mostly LAG. OTTH

Folds to V2 ($150) who limps in LJ, V1 ($1k) limps in CO, Hero ($700) on BU raises to $12 with KQo. Blinds fold, and both Vs call (Pot: $40)

Flop: 9, 10, Jr. Yahtzee

V2 donks $12, V1 calls, Hero?

Obviously this is a raise, but how much do you raise, and why?


  • eyehaityou Posts: 292Member
    Suit might be relevant later? Bet if checked to, 30/35$. Definitely raising in position if one of the villians donks.
    Villians Ranges have a lot of pair +draws/2 pair. Q9, QT, JQ, JT, J9, KT, K9, AT, A9, 89,T9,8T.
    Start building pot for value.
  • jmarsh9388 Posts: 2Subscriber
    Sorry, earlier version of the text was cut off so I edited it.
  • akiflowers Posts: 7Subscriber
    edited July 8
    I think you should raise to 30.

    You want to win V1's stack. Assuming V2 is passive, he will rarely 3bet and both players will call. Now the pot is 130 going into the turn, and V2 will have less than a PSB. If V2 shoves, V1 will have a tough decision and may call with decent Jacks and a draw after considering your raise sizing. If V2 checks, you gain whether V1 bets or allows you to bet. In both situations you build the pot for a nice river bet.

    There may be better raise sizes, depending on your image. It would helpful to include information about their perceptions of you.
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