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1/1 trips in small blind

akiflowers Posts: 7Subscriber
edited July 8 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Opponent is a middle aged male, has a poker themed card protector. In a previous hand he 3b 99 and tank/called when the 100bb pfr went all in and a 200bb caller shoved over the top. His hand was good against the bigger stack. My image is tight. I won a couple pots my first orbit, but have played very tight since and haven't won any pots or shown down any hands.

1/1 NLHE
5 limpers, I'm in the SB with 62ss. Effective stacks 250bb.

Flop: Q66r
I bet 5 into 7, the BB calls, a player in LP makes it 15. I call somewhat quickly and the BB folds

Turn: Tc putting a two flush on board
I lead for 35 into 42, LP thinks for a second and cuts out more than enough chips to call. He looks at them, stacks and restacks them, and raises to 75


  • CycleV Posts: 1,102Subscriber
    Since his 99 hand seems like a big overplay, I'm not going to fold this turn. But I will say that I probably would have c/c the turn, after getting raised otf.

    As played, he's raised you twice. If he bets big on the river, I really ain't liking our hand any more. If he makes a reasonable sized bet, I think we're gonna have the odds to call, being beat often but maybe good often enough, depending on the size of his river bet. (I'd actually expect the river to get checked through, which is why I'd hate to face a big river bet.)

    You're likely only losing to A6, every other likely 6 is a chop. He's got lots of Qx that he's overplayed so far which is why I'd expect a check on the river from most (but not all) V's.
  • ds2uared Posts: 375Subscriber
    Perfectly said.
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