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2/5 - Top pair. x/r on semi-wet board

2/5 - 600 effective.

Straddle to $10. H raises UTG $35 with A Q SB calls, straddle calls

($110) - flop A 4 6

X, X - H bets $60, SB x/r to $160. Straddle folds, hero calls.

($430) - Turn - 5 - V shoves for $405. Hero?

No read on villain, seems tight but never played with him, complained earlier about being card dead.


  • alecspade Posts: 73Subscriber
    Really seems like we're going to be beat here a lot. We still beat 7d-5d but we pretty much lose to everything else. Sometimes these guys that complain about being card dead get a little more gambooly with draws, but I think I probably let this go.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 355Subscriber
    edited July 9
    You would need a specific read that villain will overplay a weaker A, drive A x or bluff to continue. Unfortunately, AK is a definite possibility along with any two pair or set, and as a default I would over fold to the check-raise.

  • CraftBeerWizard Posts: 40Subscriber
    Thanks for the feedback Alec and Garland!
    Garland said:
    You would need a specific read that villain will overplay a weaker A,
    I tanked for a bit on this hand, probably longer than I should have. Tried to get V to talk, and he just sat there completely still. I finally fold my Ace of diamonds face up and say "I might call if I didn't have this". V lets out a huge sigh and flashes a J of clubs. (Probably AJ) I still think folding is the right play because as Garland says, I need a specific read on a player to overplay a weaker ace. WELL... now I know he's capable of x/r a naked ace and will exploit it in future sessions!
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