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$2/$5 Sb Buys Button First Hand

ds2uared Posts: 375Subscriber
SB buys button on their first hand. Sits down with $800, the max.

Folds around. Hero (covers) raises to $20 with T T. SB calls.

($40) Flop Q 5 2 rainbow. Check, Hero bets $20, villain calls.

($80) Turn 8 completing rainbow. Check, Hero bets $45?

Thoughts on the turn?



  • GarlandGarland Posts: 355Subscriber
    Like the flop bet.

    Turn: Interesting spot. Villain specific, and I can go either way. If he's weak and loose passive, I like another bet like you made to deny equity from hands like wheel draws or 5x, 2x. If he's more bluffy capable of turning weaker hands into river bluffs, I don't mind peeling river and calling his bet.

    Without further details on villain, I don't mind your bet with the intent to check back the river unimproved.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,102Subscriber
    Yeah I think here we simply have to use the basic, racist/sexist but often helpful stereotypes. YAG I'm checking, any middle aged guy keep betting 1/2 pot, if he's a Persian bet 3/4 pot. Do most players buy in for the max in your pool? If that leans him towards aggressive, a check turn and call or make a small bet on most rivers seems fine.
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