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$2/$5 3bet Multiway Pot Versus Pro

ds2uared Posts: 375Subscriber
Villain 1 is solid tight pro. Subscribes to UpSwing and talks the talk and walks the walk. We had just discussed SB play openly maybe 5 minutes prior and he said he used to polarized the SB a lot versus online regs.

Villain 2 runs sports book and is in town for a bit. Unsure about poker play.

1 limp. Hero ($1,800) raises to $25 A Q from mp2. Villain 2 ($800) calls from HJ. Villain 1 (covers) 3bets to $85. Hero calls.

($253) Flop A T 8. V1 bets $65. Hero calls. V2 calls.

($448) Turn 3×. V1 checks, Hero checks??? V2 checks.

($448) River K× V1 bets $275. Hero???


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 355Subscriber
    Pre-flop: Don't understand V1 undersized 3-bet OOP. As profiled I would strongly consider a 4-bet for value to $225 and knock out the HJ. However, I don't hate your call.

    Flop: Ok.

    Turn: Just bet the turn. Get value from another A and deny equity from any form of a straight draw. I'd go $150-$175 and lullaby the V2 to a nice river value.

    River: Well this sucks. As played, it looks like he either made his hand with QJ or KK. Plus you have to worry about V2 behind you. I just don't see this as a bluff into two players one who most likely has an A and would sigh fold this. Just bet the turn and you wouldn't be in this predicament.
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