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PLO8 Tournament hands - One Stud8 Hand

So I played in the horse tournament at the Golden Nugget-$360 buy in. Paid 12 - out in 14 :( Typical too much it seems. I have a couple of questions for the PLO8 experts on here. These are limit games. Tournament.

Hand 1: I raise mid position Ah2h4cQc mid position. 4 callers. Flop comes Ad8s8d. Check, bet, call, call, i call. Turn is 7d. Bet call call - I fold. No way I can have the high and someone I'm thinking has to have a 23. As it turned out I wouldve won the low as someone with 2 5 took half the pot. It was quite big. Should I be calling here with the 2nd nut low? With 4 people in I just assumed someone had to have 23. Is that a wrong assumption or given the odds I need to call here?

Hand 2:
UTG with AKQ10 double suited. Should I raise here? Its a great PLO hand. Raising hand in PLO8?

Hand 3 is a Stud8 hand: On 5th street player showed KQ (Heads up) and I had 4 to a low. I chased all the way my low as he bet and basically knocked myself out of the tournament chasing for 1/2 the pot. As it turned out he was chasing a low too and i didnt make my low and he hit a small pr which won. What are the odds of hitting a low on 4th street? 5th street? Should I be chasing for 1/2 the pot considering ICM considerations? Anyone know where I can learn odds in stud 8?



  • BartBart Posts: 5,955AdministratorLeadPro
    In hand 1 I would probably just fold on the flop. Your low is most likely dead (solely going for half) and there is a very good chance someone has at least an 8 here, or AK and diamonds.

    Hand 2 is tricky. The shallower you are the better this hand is. In a regular cash game this is not a premium PLO8 hand. You could limp or raise it just know its not a great hand.

    Hand 3 is dependent on what you had. 4 to a low with a straight draw? With an ace? for example A245 is a lot different than 8723. It also depends on what cards are live and dead. Bart
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