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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 354 Main Event 2019 Part 1

BartBart Posts: 5,955AdministratorLeadPro
This week Bart dives into hands from his recent Main Event run.


Level 2.

4. Open 700 CO sb euro to 2700 call 9c 9s. 644cc. He bets 1800 call Turn Td. He bets 7000 call. River 5d. X/x Ac 5c I win.

Level 3.

1. UTG1 S1 Asian limps S2 fish to 1500 I call CO Ah 4h limper calls. 5k. 753cc x/x me 1900/f to 7200 I just call. 20k. Jdd.. x/x river Jccc x 16k fold.

8. Open QJos +2 joe calls CO. J63r x/x turn 5hh x/18 call river Qhhh x3500 call 79hh

9. Euro UTG Limon Asian calls button me 88 BB. Flop Ks 8c 5c. X to asin 14 me to 4200 fold fold.

11. Ad Kd Hand vs Joe. He opens UTG 1100 me to 3500 he calls. T73d. X/ me 3k him to 8k I call. 4ss. He bets 12 and I fold.

14. AKss open to 1k button calls. Flop is Js 3h 3c .. check 1400 call. Turn Kd x/c river 2s. X/5k and I call KQhh

Level 4. 300-500

4. I open 88 euro to my left calls. K84ss. I bet 1500 euro calls S1 fold. Turn Jd I bet 5000 he folds.

5. I raise T8cc +1 UTG MP1 2nd euro calls. KT8dd I bet 1500 he calls. Turn Th c/2800 call. River 6ddd x —-

6. I open TT HJ 1300 to 4100 call. T83dd x/x Js I bet 5000 he folds to second euro.. —

7. I open AKos to 1300 CO to 4200 I call. Flop is KT3r x/x. 2s. I bet 6000 he folds. —-

Level 5. 300-600

3. Loose Asian opens I 3 bet AKdd mid position he says I see your hand and folds.

5. KTos open to 1400 LJ and S1 Adrain calls. Ah Ks Ts. C/2k call. Turn 8hh.. 3000 call. River 5c. 3500. To 8200 and he calls.
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