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Should I check or bet this river?

Jax1234 Posts: 60Member
edited July 11 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 Caesar's Palace. I am under the gun with around $1200. The villain is in the lojack with around $600. He seems competent but has been getting beat in most of the hands that he plays.

I have queen queen I open to $20. UTG +1 calls, UTG +2 calls, the villain calls, hijack calls, the cutoff calls, the button and the blinds fold. So we are going six-way to the flop.

The flop is eight four four I bet $60 on the flop, UTG +1 folds, UTG +2 folds, villains calls $60, hijack and cutoff fold.

The turn is the king I bet $140 with the intention of folding to a shove from the villain. Even though the card is terrible for my actual hand, it is great for my perceived range. So I thought a bet/fold made sense in this instance. The villain just calls the $140. He has around $380 left going to the river.

The river is the seven I decide to check the river with the intention calling an all-in from the villain. I excluded kings and a four from his possible holdings as I think he would have shoved the turn if he held a four or a king. However, my logic for checking is that I am not sure if I can get called by worse anymore as I am losing to ace/eight diamonds, five/six diamonds and it would make sense for the villain to call the flop and turn with those holdings. I was committed to calling it off because I did have the queen of diamonds blocker.

Should I have gone for value on the river by putting the villain all-in or was I right to check with the intention of calling possibly an all-in from the villain?


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 355Subscriber
    Turn: Your perceived range is pocket pairs. You're firing into 5 other players, so you shouldn't really have AK/KQ/KJ in your range. However, I've seen plenty of villains call with two overs with or without backdoor draws peeling to see if they can get there "one time" "cheaply".

    You are way ahead way behind (unless he picked up a flush draw). I would have checked the turn for pot control and as you don't want villain to fold out his marginal hands. This will enable you to maybe get some value on the river, where they might be afraid of calling the turn because of the looming threat of a river bet. If villain is really sticky I could get on board with a turn bet, but it should be much smaller, maybe 80.

    River: It's not a question of bet or check. As played, betting the river is an overplay. The flush draw came in. What hands are you beating that would call? I would probably check/fold to an all-in. What are his bluffs? He's got all the 4, draw, A K, etc.

    P.S. blockers are overrated.
    by 1CycleV
  • jojacks Posts: 86Subscriber
    I think this is a check/fold on the river. I don't like a bet because under normal circumstances it's going to be really tough to get called by worse . I expect him to check back hands with any showdown value that you're ahead of, and mostly bet the hands that have you beat. And as Garland mentioned, there just aren't many logical bluffs here.

    Thinking about blockers is fine when it's a really close decision or when the blocker would significantly impact V's range, but how many potential hands would he call the flop with that would have the Q? So in this case, having the Q doesn't really "block" him from having anything.

    Also, just a formatting note, hands are much easier to follow using the abbreviations (Q Q) instead of spelling it out.

    Thanks for the posts, keep them coming.
    by 1CycleV
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