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$2/$5 Flop Continue? Cbet?

ds2uared Posts: 375Subscriber
Villain is obvious pro. Waiting on the bigger game. Hero only at the table for about a half hour. No significant hands. Other 2 players are super loose, big bettors, often overbetting the pot.

UTG limps. Hero ($900) raises to $25 A J from mp2. HJ, CO, and Villain (covers) on the button call. Utg folds.

Pot $105. Flop Q T 3. Hero checks??? Check, check, Villain bets $50. Hero...?

Thoughts on flop check? If I do call, do I ever lead a heart, K, A, or bluff?


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 357Subscriber
    edited July 11
    It's unfortunate you have the worst position. However, with the A, I think you can find a c-bet of about $50 not expecting everyone to fold just yet, but you have some barreling opportunities if a , A or K appear.

    As played, I'm not calling. I think raising would be the sexy play, but in-game, I'd just make a nitty fold.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,440Subscriber
    No bet is getting anyone to fold anything except maybe pairs below 10. That is a small part of the range. Even betting 1/4p isn't getting GSs to fold and it's very likely your GS has only 3 outs.

    I would not fold to the flop bet because he is OTB. He can be betting all sorts of hands and he is a competent player. If I was in his spot..... I'd bet any Q, any T, any GS, any FD, 99 and take a shot with my 100% trash because I have no other way to win the pot and no one has a Q. All 3 of you checked so his range is wide.

    Due to his bet size his hand is also weak. If he had TP or better he'd bet more. If you call and the others fold probably you have way more outs than you think. Any Ace, Jack, King. The reasoning here is his range. If he is competent he never has AK in this spot and possibly not even AQ because he should be 3 betting these preflop vs an MP opener and 2 callers.

    You can't XR because that range is full of semi-bluffs.

    A call makes your range look like a FD, pair, or the hand you have including AK..... Now if you didn't have the Ah I would lean on folding. The Ah removes 10 combos from his range and is just enough equity vs a tough player that makes the hand hard to play OOP
  • hustlin Posts: 308Subscriber
    I think all options are possible here.

    I would just cbet here in a nutshell because I can barrel some turn here like any Heart give me more equity.

    As played I dont mind a X/C , or a X/F both are fine in mu opinion. with AK its a X/C
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