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$2/$5 Sizing

ds2uared Posts: 264Subscriber
Was playing at a new place and I think it affected my play a bit. And multiway I became a bit unsure of sizing.
Villain 1 100% limp, 50% limp/call. Will make thin value bets and huge bluffs and call down light. Villain 2 loose splashy chaser. Seen him call 2 all-ins with pure flush draws and or OESDs.

V1 (covers) calls from mp2. V2 ($1,200) calls from HJ. Hero ($800) raises to $40 from the SB with K K. BB and both limpers call.

$155. Flop K J T. Hero bets $100. BB folds. Both villains call.

$455. Turn 7. What sizing and why? I'm not great in these multiway spots where I want to bombs away to protect my equity. But I feel like any amount I bet will only leave me with enough that I'll have to call every scare card that comes on the river.


  • Garland Posts: 216Subscriber
    You have $660 by the river. I might go $300ish and check fold to a A/9 river. On a river non-straight diamond I would simply push myself as there are some hands that can still call (two pair, KQ, weird sets), and if they got there good for them. I don't hate going all-in given the description of V2.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,312Subscriber
    I agree with Garland here. Sadly about 1/3rd the deck fucks you at the end. It's a very high chance if a diamond comes your screwed.
  • hustlin Posts: 289Subscriber
    yes as played bet 2/3+ pot or even jam is an option. Standard if I was in your spot I would be about 3/4 pot sooo about 300 ishh. Gets value from worst etc. and u can reevaluate the river ( most likely calling off unless its like one of the worse cards like A,9 or a diamond.
  • CycleV Posts: 963Subscriber
    Above advice is solid. To add, I think you should have gone much bigger on the flop. Pot at least, I might even go $175. IMO this is how fish think: they know that a FD or SD comes in about 1/3 of the time, and they "know" that a psb gives them the right odds to call otf. We know that is all kinds of bad math, but we've heard a million times in post-mortems bad players explain themselves, so I think this covers enough V's--especially a pair of stations--to make a big ol' bet correct. Even if just one of them calls $175, the pot is big enough to shove clean turns, while potentially cleaning up a bit of equity. If they both call it's a slam dunk shove.

    there are lots of V's I wouldn't contemplate an overbet against, they'd correctly fold too much. But these two clowns, well even an ATM has a limited amount of money to dispense. Make a withdrawal before someone else does.
  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 134Subscriber
    Given villains descriptions, bigger on flop like 125 and then shove turn.
  • fishcake Posts: 951Subscriber
    I think all in is fine here
  • ds2uared Posts: 264Subscriber
    I tanked for a bit and then jammed. V1 folded pretty quickly. V2 tanked for a while and then folded AJ, saying out loud he thought I was bluffing.
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