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$2/$5 Sizing

ds2uared Posts: 307Subscriber
Was playing at a new place and I think it affected my play a bit. And multiway I became a bit unsure of sizing.
Villain 1 100% limp, 50% limp/call. Will make thin value bets and huge bluffs and call down light. Villain 2 loose splashy chaser. Seen him call 2 all-ins with pure flush draws and or OESDs.

V1 (covers) calls from mp2. V2 ($1,200) calls from HJ. Hero ($800) raises to $40 from the SB with K K. BB and both limpers call.

$155. Flop K J T. Hero bets $100. BB folds. Both villains call.

$455. Turn 7. What sizing and why? I'm not great in these multiway spots where I want to bombs away to protect my equity. But I feel like any amount I bet will only leave me with enough that I'll have to call every scare card that comes on the river.


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 316Subscriber
    You have $660 by the river. I might go $300ish and check fold to a A/9 river. On a river non-straight diamond I would simply push myself as there are some hands that can still call (two pair, KQ, weird sets), and if they got there good for them. I don't hate going all-in given the description of V2.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,434Subscriber
    I agree with Garland here. Sadly about 1/3rd the deck fucks you at the end. It's a very high chance if a diamond comes your screwed.
  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    yes as played bet 2/3+ pot or even jam is an option. Standard if I was in your spot I would be about 3/4 pot sooo about 300 ishh. Gets value from worst etc. and u can reevaluate the river ( most likely calling off unless its like one of the worse cards like A,9 or a diamond.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,030Subscriber
    Above advice is solid. To add, I think you should have gone much bigger on the flop. Pot at least, I might even go $175. IMO this is how fish think: they know that a FD or SD comes in about 1/3 of the time, and they "know" that a psb gives them the right odds to call otf. We know that is all kinds of bad math, but we've heard a million times in post-mortems bad players explain themselves, so I think this covers enough V's--especially a pair of stations--to make a big ol' bet correct. Even if just one of them calls $175, the pot is big enough to shove clean turns, while potentially cleaning up a bit of equity. If they both call it's a slam dunk shove.

    there are lots of V's I wouldn't contemplate an overbet against, they'd correctly fold too much. But these two clowns, well even an ATM has a limited amount of money to dispense. Make a withdrawal before someone else does.
  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 152Subscriber
    Given villains descriptions, bigger on flop like 125 and then shove turn.
  • fishcake Posts: 962Subscriber
    I think all in is fine here
  • ds2uared Posts: 307Subscriber
    I tanked for a bit and then jammed. V1 folded pretty quickly. V2 tanked for a while and then folded AJ, saying out loud he thought I was bluffing.
  • jojacks Posts: 85Subscriber
    ds2uared said:

    I'm not great in these multiway spots where I want to bombs away to protect my equity. But I feel like any amount I bet will only leave me with enough that I'll have to call every scare card that comes on the river.
    I spent a lot of time thinking through this after a hand I played a few months ago. Shoving definitely makes things easier, but if you can accurately estimate your equity (much harder multi-way) you can still make profitable bets that commit yourself as long as you use Villain's implied odds in the equation and not the true pot odds.

    That being said, the lower your equity and smaller the SPR, the harder it is for the amount gained by a bet to outweigh the value of Villains folding their equity.

  • Superfly Posts: 322Subscriber
    edited July 25
    Does this logic make sense?

    If you bet $300, you’re giving V close to correct implied odds to chase even simple FDs and SDs. Assuming we won’t fold for remaining 300 on the river, V needs to call $300 OTT to win $1355 OTR. Thats better than 4:1 implied odds.

    If we’re not going to fold river in that situation, why not make it $400 OTT, giving V worse odds to call and making him pay more for his mistake if river is a blank.

    This logic might not apply if H can fold to a shove on river. But with only $300 back and $1355 in the pot after a V river shove, not sure I could ever fold top set.

    And H shove OTT is not as good because that may force all but the biggest combo draws and flopped straights to fold and we prefer to keep simple draws in.

    Bottom line: bet enough to induce draws to call with improper odds, but not so much as to force out all hands except those that beat us.
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 166Subscriber
    Just get ready for pot, pot, pot, pot, pot, pot
    You see me I bet pot, pot, pot, pot, pot, pot
    You see me do me pot, pot, pot, pot, pot, pot
    There’s something ’bout that pot, pot, pot, pot, pot, pot
  • Arenzano Posts: 1,399Subscriber
    First, think about your range as a whole from this spot. Second, what are you doing with your bluffs/semi bluffs?

    You have just over a pot size bet behind, betting anything less makes little sense to me. It is unlikely you’re up against the nuts here as you’d likely be raised on the flop. Force a mistake.
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