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2/3/5 - AA out of position

NR Posts: 2Subscriber
2/3/5 NL game w/ a $10 straddle on. I have about a $900 stack and opponent covers. No history with him, only know that he bought in for the max when he sat down and has topped off when he lost a pot. Not a donk is my impression.

I raise to 50 from EP w/ A A. one caller in MP, everyone else folds.

Flop: Q 8 6 - I bet 80 (into 115), he calls.
Turn: T - I bet 140 (into 275), he calls.
River: 9 - I shove for just over pot...

How is my line?

Was a little unsure what to do on the river, I didn't want to check and face a large river bet from an unknown. By betting big I thought maybe I could get a fold from a weak two pair (T9/98), or even small chance of getting a hero call from AQ/KQ.


  • Garland Posts: 219Subscriber
    Your open pre-flop raise is unusually large (5x). I don't know if this is the norm, but if not, it should narrow the calling range significantly, especially from "not a donk". I'm not sure there are many T9/98 unless maybe they were suited.

    Once you arrive at the river, there's $555 in the pot and your stack has $630. Really you're targeting such a narrow range of calling hands. You block AQ, but there are some KQ. QJ got there. I'm not sure there are many 2 pair, but I don't think they're folding to any bet easily.

    Interesting spot. I don't think all-in is the correct play. I don't like the mindset of "betting, so I don't have to face a potential big bet". I could get on board with checking/evaluating or betting an amount to target AQ/KQ, like $175 with the intent to fold. Would like to hear thoughts from others.
  • alecspade Posts: 68Subscriber
    Agree with everything Garland said. You've essentially turned your hand into a bluff on the river. We may be able to get exactly Q9 to fold which he should almost never have but we allow him to get off the hook with his single paired queens.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,314Subscriber
    I would have bet more OTT might be a spot where you overbet. That card really helps his range in that it gives him a lot of pair + draws. It also removes a lot of semibluff shoves from his range because when you bet so large OTT it shows you have a really strong hand and you can safely fold even if getting 2:1 if he shoves because there is little chance he will semi-bluff shove you. He will also still call with hands like AQ or KQ thinking you have possibly a semibluff.

    Vs an unknown you need to lean on them calling more at these stakes until noted otherwise.
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