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$2/5 - Min-Check Raised w/ AQ

JredA Posts: 74Subscriber
edited July 17 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$2/$5 Local Casino - $500 Max Buy In

My table broke and I just moved to this table. I have already played 3 hands so I may have a loose image when this hand occurred.

Villain is the big stack $1800. He seems like a competent player but is definitely recreational. He is a middle aged male, drinking a beer, but seems to be paying attention to all the action. I overheard him say he mainly plays in home games. I have yet to see him play a hand.

Villain opens to $15 from the LJ.

I $55 from the SB w/ A Q

I am the effective stack of $550.

He briefly thinks it over and makes the call.

Flop ($110) = A K 6

I $50. He calls.

I went w/ a slightly smaller sizing with the thought that a large majority of his hands consistent of weaker Ax, broadway combos and smaller pairs. Going slightly smaller will also allow three streets of value on favorable run outs.

In retrospect, I should have probably gone larger to target mainly his Ax range and Kx range.

Turn ($210) = 3

I didn't think this changed much so my thought process stayed the same. I bet smaller - $100, with the plan of jamming most safe rivers.

Villain then min raises to $200. I call.

I know nothing about villain, so this could be anything from AK, A6, A3, K6s, a flush draw or a stone cold bluff. But I don't think I can fold getting such a good price and having AQ here. I am also unsure of a jam here?

River ($410) = 7

I check and villain puts me all in for $300.

Call or fold?

Thanks in advance for any feedback on the line.


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 391Subscriber
    edited July 17
    Look up Baluga theorem. You are likely drawing dead against AK or KK. He was likely thinking of 4 betting pre but opted to flat. Min-raises are rarely ever bluffs. Just fold the turn. The play up to that point was fine. As played fold to river as now in the rare rare instance he is overplaying A x he got there. I may opt to flat call pre vs. this villain. I am not sure how you figure he is recreational if you never seen him play a hand.
  • JredA Posts: 74Subscriber
    edited July 17
    Garland said:
    I am not sure how you figure he is recreational if you never seen him play a hand.
    It was based off appearance and behavior. Drinking beer (it was noon), stacking his chips in odd, shorter stacks that take up a ton of room, the way he handled chips, etc.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,450Subscriber
    Your betting was fine. You would bet small with AK, AA, KK here. He is LJ not CO so your range isn't as loose as perceived

    Fold the turn without any other reads other than he is drinking beer and middle aged.

    Even his preflop hesitation should give you concern along with his call.

    He simply isn't waiting to raise the turn with AJ or AT when that board smashes your 3b range.

  • TravisSun Posts: 43Subscriber
    edited July 17
    very clear description of the action. god job there.

    river is a fold given all his value hand beat you(Ax two pairs, 66)

    and turn semi bluff FD got there as well. (could be Adxd)

    unless he is turning some pair hand into bluff, it's a safe fold.
  • Chase Posts: 129Subscriber
    Since you're OOP you need to 3b! larger to something like 60-75,

    You have a strong and narrow range, and this flop greatly favors your range, so you should probably cbet your entire range at 100% frequency for a roughly 0.33PSB. Half pot is too large, it makes it easy for V to make correct folds vs your range.

    This turn card is almost a total blank in that in rarely interacts with either your range or with V range. So, you retain a significant range advantage and nut advantage. You should be betting at a high frequency with small sizing. Half pot seems too big.

    You said you're not sure if you should 3b! turn. You shouldn't, because once V raises your turn bet he is repping a very strong and very polarized range. So your AQ is a bluff-catcher. Against many opponents it's a clear fold facing a raise of any size cuz they almost always have you in bad shape.

    As played fold the river, and it's not even close considering the pot odds.
  • JredA Posts: 74Subscriber
    edited July 17
    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    For those advocating a turn fold I almost did so in game. I do seem to see several players in my games make these small min raises when in position to "buy" a card, or in this case get to a showdown cheaply OR buy a card. Hands that would do that here are most likely KdQd, KdJd, KdTd, QdJd, QdTd, JdTd, and of course any Ad suited hand that decided to get frisky. These factors pushed me towards a call on the turn. But of course they all got there.

    I ended up folding the River.
  • PokerShaman Posts: 93Subscriber
    Beluga Theorem was my first thought, also, when I read the hand history.
  • Superfly Posts: 445Subscriber
    The pot was $610 on the river, not $410. So he shoved for only half pot. Not likely to be a bluff.

    I agree with betting bigger pre ($65-75) or else just calling. I think you can play it either way.

    Like one third PSB on flop ($40-50).

    Prefer 65% PSB ($140-150) on turn for value/protection since you don’t block BD FD Don’t want to give him too good odds to chase.

    At this stage you’re in for $245 -275 or almost half your stack, leaving ~50% PSB on river. Once he raises your turn bet, it’s basically for stacks, making the turn decision a little more clear cut. In this case seems like crying fold might be best option, but player dependent IMO.
  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 167Subscriber
    Call flop min raise turn (especially check-call flop, check-minraise turn) from a recreational player is overwhelmingly often some sort of flopped 2p+, or turned 2p hand. We can exploitably snap fold to the turn raise, IMHO. I seriously doubt this kind of villain is peeling then semi bluffing AXdd with that sizing.
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