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1/2 top 2 on river when back door flush and straight draws come in

AnthonyCesare Posts: 11Subscriber
1/2 borgata

Short game like 3:30 am

Hero 600 loosing tonight but villain dosnt know that as he just sat 15 min ago

Villain 1 200 table fish he's just terrible in every possible way

Villain 2 550 new to the game came in with a little under 300 and stacked the fish his first hand when he flopped middle set on A high board and got it in against the fishes AJ

I open 15 utg+1 with KQss, fish calls in mp and villain 2 calls in cut off

Flop Qc 10c 4 h (48)
I lead for 30, fish fold, villain calls, but he seemed pretty unsure about it.

Turn Kh (108)
I lead 65, he calls pretty quickly this time.

River 9h (230)
What's our play now that every thing possible got there
Check fold, bet fold, check call? I'm not really sure I like any of the options


  • electricsheep Posts: 169Subscriber
    How did he play the hand where he flopped middle set? Do you remember if the board texture was draw heavy? Is he the type that "protects his hands" or slow plays?

    Anyway his flop calling range will probably consist of 10 X hands that picks up equity when the Kheart comes on the turn.

    Some possible hands: Aheart10heart, Kclub10club ,10heart 9, Jx 10x

    If we don't know much about the villain, I would check fold. I don't see him betting 2 pair here or worse.
  • SatanLovesPoker Posts: 168Member
    Depending on if I can pick up any live tells, and other generalizaitons about villians Age/Race/sex... I am leaning
    towards a bet fold, so I like a bet of $75 on the river.
  • AnthonyCesare Posts: 11Subscriber
    On the hand he doubled up on , he just led the flop for full pot like 35 and the fish shipped it in for 300 and he called!
    I checked and he bet 105 and I folded, but I thinking I should have led for 75 or 80 and folded to a raise. Just wasn't sure if he calls with worse.
    But when he bets 105 on the end, I was starting to think he might be bluffing , if he's betting a jack or a flush I thought it might be a little smaller if he's trying to get a crying call out of tptk or 2p type of hands
  • electricsheep Posts: 169Subscriber
    $105 is kind of small when the pot is already $230. I suppose you can bet fold, but some hands in his calling range will have you crushed.
  • MattKGB Posts: 35Subscriber
    I would bet bigger on the turn. On the river bet-folding 80-100 is fine with me.
  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    i think ch/folding is fine here. there really are 0 hands that the fish would float that flop with and still have a hand that he would bet on the river that he doesnt check. There is no way he is betting a set or worse here. I think he would be checking back everything but a straight or flush.

    A case can be made for value betting the river and trying to get called by a worse 2p i just dont think there are enough hands that you will get called by on a runout like this to balance with the times he has you beat.
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