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Bovada stole $1000 from me

Not sure where i should post this. Help!!

I’m a newbie sports bettor. So, I sign up on Bovada deposit $500, run it up to $1,400 and request my first ever payout. Bovada abruptly closes my account and no one in customer service will explain why. 4 days have gone by and I can’t get anything out of them. I turned my son onto Bovada too and same thing happened to him. We both sent Bovada our photo and ids but no response nothing from Bovada. my son works with me in the same office. Any advice or help would be appreciated. I want to try sports betting but need to find a good dependable place to bet. I split time between my homes in Naperville IL and Vegas. Any suggestions?


  • BartBart Posts: 6,020AdministratorLeadPro

    I am sorry to hear that. Do you mean that they have confiscated your funds and you cant get any explanation as to why?

    The only thing that I can think of is that they think you are betting with a professional behind you, that is the bets that you made they think were coming from a "sharp". They run algorithms on this type of thing, but even if thats the case they wouldn't confiscate your funds they would just cut you off and close your account.

    I've bet on Bovada for years and nothing like that has every happened to me before. Obviously you have reached out to customer support. What have they said? Bart
  • justfourfun Posts: 198Subscriber
    The email I received on Saturday July 27 from Bovada stated:

    Your account has been disabled because it has come to our attention that there are other accounts using information similar to yours. In order for us to verify each account's individuality we require that you submit a piece of government issued identification and an image of your ID (such as a driver’s license or passport) held up next to your face. At your convenience, please scan this information in either JPEG or PDF format and email to us.

    So I sent Bovada my i.d. and photo the next day. So did my son. When I contact Bovada their response is basically they are only customer support and they have no information about the investigation and no way to find out the status or anything about the investigation or how long it will take. Live customer support stonewalls me and so does the live chat customer support which I suspect is just a bot spewing canned responses.

    I am a total newbie sports bettor but definitely had a winning plan based on rudimentary modeling and algorithms etc. and both of our accounts shot up within a short time with almost 100 unique wagers so I could see someone thinking we were “sharp.”

    Good to hear that you find this to be unusual so maybe Bovada will pay us the money in our accounts? I get that my son and I working in the same office and using the same rudimentary models may be the problem but what pisses me off is the stonewalling.
  • BartBart Posts: 6,020AdministratorLeadPro
    So for some reason they think that you and your son are the same person (do to the pattern of betting and possibly same IP). So there is probably something in TOS that states that only one person can have one account. Having been involved with another site and their customer support, these entities have different departments and the communication between the departments is not the best. I think you just need to wait a few more days and then contact them again and its probably true that customer support doesnt have any information about your case. But I highly doubt, if you submitted your identity, that any other resolution will occur besides you getting access to your funds and your account being re opened. Bart
  • justfourfun Posts: 198Subscriber
    What a pleasant surprise! After 8 days of stonewalling out of nowhere Bovada looked at the situation and unlocked my account and gave me access to my money. What a bizarre episode. Bovada acted strange and very heavy handed but I am glad to get paid and move on. Nitrogen is my next choice for an on line sports book. Bovada is now the devil I know so who knows maybe I will be back. However, it does seem to me their hold is much higher than Nitrogen’s based on an early look.
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