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Top set on a draw heavy flop

MattKGB Posts: 35Subscriber
Borgata 2-5. During a tournament series, so the tables are usually extra good. Not many reads on the villains.
Villain1 -young,white, looks like he's a grinder, possibly a tournament player, played only 1 hand in 30 minutes, moved from a different table.
Villain2- bought in with a purple chip, late 30s -early 40s, seems drunk, been at the table for an orbit.
I have LAG winning image. I have about 800 and both villains have 500 each.
V1 opens to 20 in HJ, I call with TT in me CO, V2 calls on the BTN, both blinds( who are bad recreational mtt players) fold.
FLOP: T8c9c V1 bets 65, I call, V2 calls.
TURN: 9s. V1 bets 115, I call, V2 folds
RIVER: 9h V1 checks, hero?
For some reason I decided to slow play on the flop thinking that V1 would fold to my raise, and V2 seemed very interested in the hand, so I was trying to trap his money too or may be back raise. The turn is a great card for me and I think that a raise is pointless at this point since the pot is bloated. On the river I was a little confused about bet sizing. Should I ever bet small-medium here? Obviously I'm not afraid of a 9.
Please critic my play on all streets.
Thank you.


  • floppedawheel Posts: 1,063Subscriber
    pre, i'm fine with calling in position with TT.

    on the flop, there are far, far too many hands that you can get value from to just call and who will call a raise -- club draws, pair/straight combo draw, two overs maybe even. i'd put in at a raise here, not too big though, maybe to 140-150. if you're shipped on, you probably have to call because there'd be too many draws/combo draws in his range plus you have decent equity still.

    on turn, again, i think you leave value on the table by just flatting. villain has 300 left. if he has a combo draw or club draw, you might be hard pressed to get any more money in on the river once he's missed.

    on river, i'm just hoping villain has an 8 or JJ and can't lay down a boat. probably won't put him all in. pot's 485. i'd bet out maybe 180-200.
  • Esp at the Borgata tournament series I think PF is fine unless you're willing to 3b/call off because a lot of those guys go nuts with AK.

    As played, I would always shove the river. If he has JJ+ and checked for some reason to try to induce a bluff he's never folding for $300 because he has an overfull. If the river was like an offsuit deuce IMO you might argue for not shoving although clubs did brick so it might look bluffy. If he's calling this river for $150 IMO he's calling $300. If he has AKcc or something he's probably just folding to any bet.

    Vs tourney players, I'd really want to raise this flop because they think everyone is bluffing and they will often just shove back AA here thinking you must have a draw. Even though V2 is interested if he has a big draw he's probably calling your raise anyway, and depending on his draw a lot of turn cards can actually beat you. You could lose on a 6, 7, J, Q or club. It's really a disaster if something like a jack rolls off and now V1 gets scared and won't give action, but we're afraid to get shoved on by V2 so we end up checking and giving a free card and not getting value/possibly losing. So given that drunken v2 probably calls off the NFD anyway I probably raise it.
  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    im in the 3b pf camp but i dont think it matter too much either way.

    Flop raise here so many hands you get value from that you are ahead of. Giving free cards here sucks

    Turn im fine with just calling. who would flat the flop with a raise than raise the turn with a draw? If you do that you are going to get a lot of the weaker draws to fold out.

    River anything but a ship is a mistake. He is never folding an overpair or even a T a lot of the time. Just go for max value from those hands since there shouldnt really be any hands that he will call a smaller bet with but not a bigger one.
  • MattKGB Posts: 35Subscriber
    Usually, if it was heads up I would raise the flop almost always but since it was 3 handed I decided to play it slow. I almost never slowplay these days(thanks Bart). I bet 200 on the river and V1 folded QJ(flopped straight). V2 said he had KQcc for FD and a gutshot, so I have no idea he managed to fold on the turn.
    Thank you for your input.
  • electricsheep Posts: 169Subscriber
    I'd 3bet pre / raise flop.

    However it's interesting that your slow play actually made the hand easier to play. If you 3 bet pre and he calls, you will almost certainly bet the flop and you will get shoved on most of the time.

    Preflop: 3 bet to 75, villain calls (pot $150)
    Flop: bet $120 (pot $270), villain shoves for $425
  • I actually think it's a mistake to slowplay this board 3 handed rather than HU.

    3 handed there is a much greater chance someone has something that can play with you. There's also a bigger chance you could be up against the kind of hand you actually were (KQcc) that has pretty good equity vs your set. So IMO the more multiway you are the more you want to raise to get called by worse and get the money in.

    Maybe HU on this board vs certain players they're just folding AA, so maybe you flat and hope to get more value.

    pot $150 you bet $120 he shoves $425 now the pot is almost $700, $300 for you to call. If he SHOWS YOU QJ it's still an easy call, since you're getting more than 2-1 and you have more than 33% equity with a set.
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