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Worst Ruling in the History of Poker? (Bart edit)

GarlandGarland Posts: 391Subscriber
edited August 13 in Low Content Forum
PLO game at the local casino. Heads up between SB and BB at the river. SB seems like an amateur, and Villain in BB is a daily regular and seems to play pretty well and knows his stuff. Action goes down to the river, where SB checks, BB bets $155, SB says "$300" without actually saying raise, BB flicks a chip in and snap calls. He sees he's beaten, and then calls the floor to declare it's an illegal raise as the raise has to be at least $310. The floor is called, all the action is described and the raise is voided and $145 is refunded to BB.

Seems pretty scummy to call the raise and get a freeroll on the $145 knowing he'd only call the floor if he lost. Opinions?


  • BartBart Posts: 5,994AdministratorLeadPro
    edited August 13
    This is the one of the MOST ridiculous things I have ever seen. First of all, in most if not every casino that I've played in when you accidentally raise to 50% or more of the bet size it is a legal min raise. But if you use over sized chips, like if you were to throw out two $100 chips, this would be a call. If the bet was exactly $150 and you threw out $225 ( 2 $100 chips and a $25 chips) nearly everywhere would force you to raise to $300 as you are at the 50% mark.

    When you verbalize a raise I consider that putting out the amount of chips. So if you verbalized $230 in this spot, you should have to raise to $310. If the player said $300, of course this should be a raise to $310. Also, you say that the BB called the bet with a single chip. So he was going to take the money if he won, right? How on earth can this not be accepted action? This could be one of the worst rulings I have ever seen. So much so I am changing the name of this thread.
    by 1Piggy
  • bubba316999 Posts: 20Member
    I've played in a casino (Mt. Airy - Mount Pocono, PA) where their standard ruling is if you are even $1 short of making a legal raise, then it becomes just a call. Only place I've ever seen it but at least they are consistent about it. They have a handful of other things they have done over that have blown my mind.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,144Subscriber
    edited August 14
    My local in Vancouver BC has also gone to, if it's not 100% raise then it's just a call. Our dealers are often new, and bad, so having any type of consistency is an improvement. Before it was completely dependent on the whims of the dealer, which I would be OK with if the dealers were skilled enough to stop a hand and clarify with the raiser their intention. But like I said, we just don't have that level of dealer skill.


    Floors always have the right to make a ruling "in the best interest of the game," and letting this angle stand is such BS. Definitely up there with the worst I can think of.
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