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5-10-20 playing back against LAG

This was a weird hand that I think I could have played better. Appreciate comments on any street.

5-10 with regular 20 straddle. $2600 effective. Game is $1500 max buy-in and match stack after that. Fairly early so 2600 is about average.

V is young pasty-assed LAG rec reg who I know well (and like). Aggressive and has tendency to shove light with made hands, draws and bluffs, which I needle him about a lot when it doesn’t work, creating a friendly but competitive rivalry at the table.

My image is decent, somewhat roguish old man rec reg who likes to make and show bluffs. But I’ve recently been on downswing and V knows I have tightened up and been playing more solid in response (also trying to play more balanced and fix leaks identified thru CLP training). He may even think I am playing scared and has been raising me more than usual preflop over past several weeks.

V MP opens $60, HJ calls. I’m BTN and raise to 200 with 9d9h. MP 3bets to 700. HJ folds and I call. Would certainly fold this vs many players, but elect to call for reasons above.

F ($1495) AdAsKc. x x
T 8h. V $450. I tank call.
R ($2395) 6c V tank shove. Me? I have about $1500 remaining.

In addition to river decision, interested in anything I could have done on earlier streets to avoid the guessing game on the end.


  • JoneseyJonesey Posts: 149Subscriber
    This is impossible to answer without being in the middle of it -- the long term middle. It's a "he knows that I know that he knows that I know" quantum poker conundrum. Throw out ranges. He knows you currently have him as pushing you hard as your play has grown more conservative. He knows you know this. But he also knows you're not at your best playing scared money. And you're "reacting" to him less than playing with a solid plan to beat him. In this type of long battle, the V is usually planning on a final trap play where he has the nuts but gets you to call by getting in your head with bluffs. Is this that moment? I think the powerhouse flop might be his moment to push you too far to the point where you'll call his monster. Or you could just realize he has developed a tolerance to Iocane powder and that both glasses are poisoned. Bottom line: you won't get an answer here in the forum. You have to find it in your true poker self. Does he have you figured out, or do you have him?

    As far as an earlier decision to avoid this tough spot? You could have done a War Games ending and decided the best move is not to play. Big pots, deep stacks, tough tricky player, long playing history with this guy, strong bluff ranges on both sides, calling/making big bets with medium strength hands. Did you think you were going to avoid tough river decisions? You picked a game that ensured this would happen.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 415Subscriber
    edited August 2019
    Fold to $700 re-raise pre-flop. As played fold to the turn bet. Would only consider calling down a maniac with that flop.

    I would just call pre-flop with 99 and pick a more polar range to 3-bet this villain like JJ+, AK/AQs for value and some A-wheel suited and select suited connectors as bluffs.
  • Superfly Posts: 492Subscriber
    @galand, I think your point about 3betting with only higher pocket pairs is good. My biggest concern on the river was not that he had an A or K, but that he had something like JJ. If my own pair was a broadway, I would have had less concern about that.
  • Superfly Posts: 492Subscriber
    Thanks for the feedback guys.
    I folded and the little bastard flashed 85s for stone cold bluff from the git go. We had talked about running bad and bankroll issues at dinner a couple weeks earlier, and he cleverly leveraged that against me. Won’t happen again.
  • hustlin Posts: 335Subscriber
    As played I would fold pre. 99 just doesnt do well against a 4bet . hes either like bluffing or nutted. Its super hard to play post w 99 in this scenario w stack sizes. I would rather fold or just jam w this hand.

    i think turn call might be ok... fold is fine..
    river... hmmm its so complex the hand now. who knows lols. I would default fold here lol. but again theirs so meta game, villain might have total air here haha ( though its very rare)
  • tbake6 Posts: 16Subscriber
    Folding to the 4 bet pre. Probably bottom of our range for 3 betting. Also folding turn when we get there
  • pocket11s Posts: 143Subscriber
    Jeez the preflop call seems terrible.
  • McLovin Posts: 50Subscriber
    3 bet sizing is little small. Maybe 250-300 would be better against a LAG.
    Calling a 4 bet is a stretch. Even a LAG is not going to 4 Bet light and even if they do it massively favors their range on Flop and Turn. I don't see a reason behind calling a turn when we can easily have enough better hands to call down.
    River is a fold for sure.
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