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5/5 too thin of river bet?

Two limps and lp makes it 20 I call bb with a10cc and limpers call

Flop is q103r checks through

Turn is 4 still no fd checks to pfr who makes it 30. I cr to 90 he calls

River q and I bet 125 and get called by jj is this too thin of a river bet? Pfr almost always bets top pair or any draw and by just grabbing stacks to bet


  • CycleV Posts: 1,157Subscriber
    Welcome to the site. Please post your hands in an easier to read format, including size of pot on all streets.

    I really don't understand the turn c/r by you.

    Preflop this is a 3! a decent % of the time. A raise of 4x in LP over 2 limpers doesn't signal much strength. Just go get the money.
  • Superfly Posts: 492Subscriber
    Agree with @CycleV about not xring turn. Once you’re called on turn, I would probably check river. Probably gets checked through is my guess.

    I’d probably just call pre. ATs in BB can be called or 3bet vs LP opener. But with two limpers behind, I think it’s better to tighten up our 3B range. I would certainly 3B with AQs. AJ for me would depend on table/player dynamics.
  • JLBJ Posts: 172Subscriber
    Welcome to the site. I agree, why check-raise the turn? Your hand looks like the best hand on the turn, but it is still a bluff-catcher. You’re not getting better hands to fold or worse hands to call. (Funnily enough he had the one hand better than yours that might fold here and he still called with it.)

    Once called on the turn, you should definitely check the river. If you were trying to blow him off AA or KK (which would be ill-advised), then you need to go all-in, representing the queen. But don’t try to make people fold strong hands, especially at these stakes. And you shouldn’t be turning this hand into a bluff anyway.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 415Subscriber
    edited August 2019
    Although it is tempting to agree with @Cycle to 3-bet pre because of the smallish raise, I would restrain myself and just call until I see evidence his raises are more frequent than normal and are actually light.

    I'd rather lead out turn, but I can kind of see why you would check...want to make sure 1st and 2nd limper don't actually have a Q and then drive out potential draws out with a raise. Still, I'd probably only call.

    As played, I actually don't hate a river bet. If you have a laggy image as your play in this hand alone suggests, I can see you getting looked up by a weaker T or even pocket pairs like 99, 88, 77, etc. Yes, you get value-owned by JJ, but there are hands that will attempt to bluff catch you.
  • JLBJ Posts: 172Subscriber
    I wouldn’t think villain would call a check-raise with a T or 99-77 very often though.
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