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3/5 Optimal Way to Play Against a Short Stack When Bet/Fold is Not An Option

Jax1234 Posts: 65Member
edited August 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
3/5 Seattle. We are six-handed. I am in the small blind with a stack of $1000. The villain is in the cutoff with a stack of $460. The villain is a bad loose player.

Pre-flop: There is a $15 straddle. The villain calls the straddle. I have K Q I raise to $65. The big blind and straddle fold, the villain calls.

Flop ($153): Q 8 3 I bet $75, the villain calls. The villain now has $320 left in his stack.

Turn ($303): 9

What is the optimal play when bet/fold is not an option given how little is left in the villain's stack? I think I am pot committed to calling any all-in raise from the villain even if I think I'm behind if I put out a bet of $100-$150 on the turn. I am still ahead of QJ, Q10, 10/9, J/9, 10s, 10/8, ace/3 clubs, ace/nine clubs. I have a few outs against Q/9 8/9 but drawing dead against a set of 9s and J/10. This player is bad enough to call a preflop raise and call a flop bet with Q/9, 8/9, J/10, and a set of 9s despite his stack depth.

Or should I just check and see what he does? If he ships it all-in after I check, I am no longer priced in to call whereas I am if I bet. I maintain the option of making an exploitative fold if he does ship it all-in after I check or I can make the decision to call based on something more than pot odds that price me into making the call.


  • JLBJ Posts: 172Subscriber
    If he’s a bad, loose player, I’d just bet $200 and call the rest if he shoves. Like you pointed out, there are a lot of hands he could have that you beat, and there’s only a pot-sized bet left.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 415Subscriber
    Just bet about $175 and call-off. Don't check and don't overthink this.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,157Subscriber
    You should have bet more on the flop to set up a turn shove. By knowing the effective stack size you can plan the hand once the flop hits the board.

    Please write down the size of the pot on all streets. Help us help you.
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