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QQ, KK, AA 2/5 NL 3 big hands

Note: all these hands are roughly $500 effective at 2/5 NL.

Hand 1:
I have QQ in MP1, I make it $20 to go, one caller to my immediate left, villain 3bets to $70 in the SB. I had been playing very few hands as I was completely card dead. Villain hadn't shown anything crazy in ~90 minutes of play, and hadn't once 3bet. 4bet seems worst to me out of the options. I could call and just go with it on any non Ace or King flop, but I am kind of in the dark if he bets a Ten high flop. Could call with the intention of folding every non Q flop. Could even fold to the 3bet? This seems crazy, but it is possible this guy's 3betting range is just KK and AA in this spot, and if so, we are barely getting the odds to setmine here.

Hand 2:
One limp in MP1, I make it $25 with KK in MP2, three calls, BTN makes it $120, limper (MP1) makes it $500. ????? No reads on anyone as I just sat down. Only thing is BTN was an older guy and I got the feeling he wasn't getting out of line.

Hand 3:
MP2 opens to $15, I make it $45 with AA in CO, he calls. Flop J84r. He checks, I bet $60, he says "ok" and snap calls. Turn 8, he checks, I bet $125 he instantly moves all in.

Will post results later. Discuss.


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Hand 1: I think QQ is too good to fold now. Since villain seems tight I would call.. see what he does ...

    Hand 2. Pretty gross spot.. If you think Limper could have AK, JJ or QQ then I think you shove.. If you have never seen limper do this other than AA or AK then wow.. sick spot.. time to throw up in mouth? I dont think button really matters.. KK is just too good a hand..

    Hand 3: You call. So this is a great hand to discuss.. I was talking with a friend about a similar situation where I actually had KK and a guy was reading Cardplayer and overcalled before I had raised.. then saw my raise and called my bet. So I thought SCs or small pairs.. On a flop of

    665 I bet and he calls.. Turn

    8.. I bet and now he makes a big raise.. and now he makes a speech. I folded my KK..

    the amounts are important but what is that my friend discussed with me what my CALLING range should be.. That if I NEVER called this then I could be exploited. So he talked to me about folding when I have say jj or below and calling in these kinds of situations with say QQ and above.. Just to give myself a calling range.

    I think Hand three would be a call because you only lose to JJ and random 8x.. so many players will raise AJ, KJ, JT, QQs for value that you need to decide ahead of time what your min calling range is when you are short.

    I also think the snap call is a betting tell... If he had say 4s , Js or 8s I think he would have considered raising.. he didn't then he insta shoves on turn.. same kind of thing.. If he had an 8 I also think he might pause to figure out the best play. I think he probabaly has AJ or KJ..

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