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1/2 borgata turn 2nd nut flush and get check raised all in

AnthonyCesare Posts: 11Subscriber
1/2 borgata turn 2nd nut flush and get check raised all in
1/2 borgata, game is really good 6 bad players 1 or 2 pretty descent players.

Villain 1 (mp) 300 later 60's reg. really fishy likes to call a lot really passive.

Villain 2 (sb) 550 late 30's never seen him around here before. Pretty souls haven't seen him get out of line at all and pretty much had it when ever he took control of the pot.

Hero.700 (btn)

5 or 6 Limps to me on the button, I make it 17 w/ KQhh. And everyone except the bb calls.

Flop 9h 7s 3h (105)
Action checks to villain 1 he bets 15, folds to me and I make it 75.villain 2 in the Sb calls pretty quickly.not really liking this too much at all right now he's pretty much stayed out of my way all night.and villain 1 folds.

When villain 2 calls here I'm thinking that his range is a lot of nut flush draws and combo draws like 68hh and 10 8 hh, and some sets but I think he would most likely 3 bet sets here with the board so draw heavy and another player still to act who has shown intrest in the pot. And with my hand looking a lot like an over pair, he should have no reason to think I won't continue on here.
What kind of range do you think he has here?

Turn 5h (265)

Villain checks we bet 115, and he snap ships it in on me.
What's our play here,are we folding here when this looks so much like the nut flush ?


  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    never fold here. ever. there are way more hands in his range besides the nuts. He will NEVER ONLY have the nuts here. He could easily have hands like Ah9 or something like that. 86 with or without a heart, could have sets too some % of the time.

    Sorry you got coolered.
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