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Live casino: where do you get up and walk to when tilted?

Seeing Phil Hellmuth get up and leave a recent LaTB cash game after he folded AA and was shown a bluff, claiming "i don't play cash while on tilt" (he returned 45 mins later) kind of prompted this question.

Assuming it's bad enough tilt where you have to walk away from the table, what are some good areas in the casino to cool down? For me I have to leave the actual poker room to clear my head.

possible ideas

-do a lap around the pit, but if you're tempted to play could cause more tilt.

-grab a seat at a small sofa in one of the lounges, and watch funny youtube videos / listen to music on your phone / do meditation exercises to calm down.

- " " same as above, but chill in your car in the parking garage.

-" " same as above, but chill in a bathroom stall.

-grab a table at one of the restaurants / coffee shops

Other ideas?


  • Underrepped Posts: 18Subscriber
    edited September 2019
    The bar.

    Edit: In seriousness, usually somewhere I can close my eyes and do deep breathing. Back patio, out of the way hallway, something like that. I don't get-up-and-walk tilt from outcomes as much any more, but I do from making particularly bad plays that I should know better than to do. I generally don't find it helpful to look at my phone. It's not a good thing for me to do to process things out of my system, it just shuts things off for a little while but they come right back as soon as I put the phone away.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,177Subscriber
    If you're talking about a 2 minute cool off, it doesn't matter.

    If you think you need more than 5 minutes--and if you think you do, you almost certainly do--imo 99% of the time you should walk to you car, get in it, and drive away. People just don't bounce back mentally from being steamed as quickly or effectively as they want to think they will. Your mind/body will be primed to react badly to the next hit you take, however slight, and 15 minutes won't un-prime you (unless you are very practiced in mindfulness techniques, in which case we wouldn't be here).
  • Underrepped Posts: 18Subscriber
    CycleV said:
    If you think you need more than 5 minutes--and if you think you do, you almost certainly do--imo 99% of the time you should walk to you car, get in it, and drive away.
    Not recommended for tournaments.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,177Subscriber
    well played!
  • JoneseyJonesey Posts: 151Subscriber
    Small cigar in a comfy seat. Come to think of it ... even when not tilted.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,513Subscriber
    Have a big enough bankroll it doesn't affect you.
  • FriendlyFish Posts: 121Member
    Go get a coffee and smoke some weed
  • pokeromc Posts: 40Subscriber
    There is a well known 2+2er that was interviewed on this site that advocates for using the family facilities to “relieve some stress”
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,513Subscriber
    Family facilities or Asian Special Massage facilities?
  • Charlotte_poker Posts: 44Subscriber
    If I need to step away when I start to tilt or find myself playing badly Ill take a 15 - 30 minutes break. Walk around the casino or find a food court and have a drink and snack. After returning I may change tables to get a new start. Or when in LV, walk to another casino as my break and play there.
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