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Tilting player makes for interesting hand

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
bart always talks about short term tilt can make players do weird things. I had a very interesting serires of hands last night and want to make sure I wasn't overplaying my hand.

Hand 1 set up. I flop striaght flush draw against tight girl who based on her line she had trip Jacks on QJJ flop. I didnt play the hand well as I thought she would bet the river. I should have value bet when I made my flush. well she goes on tilt by playing the next few hands badly and goes from 400 stack to just over 100

Hand 2. she had been playing very tight and passive. she has lost about 300 in three hands. Before the cards are played she goes all in blind for a little over 100 from utg. two better players fold then the next player who has about 400 just calls. I really don't think he has a super strong hand because given her play I think he would have reraised. so I think middle pair or AT maybe AJ. it folds to the guy on my right and he is very loose and agressive. he goes all in for less. comes to me in sb and I see TT. given the dead money her range and my read on the guy who has a stack. if there is any fold equity I think I need to shove. I shove, He says "gamble gamble" and calls off! I think he has most likely an A. board runs out

J 3 5 Q 8

I win an 1100 pot with unimproved pocket tens.

At the time I felt good about my decision but I value your thoughts just to make sure.




  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    i think can be a very dangerous spot depending on your perception of the guy who flat calls the $100. what level is he thinking on? is he capable of trapping in this spot? i know if this spot presented itself to me, i would seriously think about flat calling with AA, KK, QQ hoping someone behind views this as weakness (as you did).

    in general TT is most likely the best hand before the flop, so i am comfortable getting in 100 BBs or so pre. especially if you think "gamble gamble" is closer to a level 1 thinker.
  • eselspiel Posts: 115Subscriber
    Nice hand. Just one comment. Strictly speaking there is no dead money in the pot when you act. :D
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    So these three players were the "spots" at the table.. If the main villain with the bigger stack was a decent player then I would have probably just called. He wasn't a good player. There was something about the way he called I just had a feeling he just wasn't that strong. He was calling a lot pre flop even to three bets..

    I really felt that with my image.. nitty.. that there was a good chance he would fold out pretty much everything .. one thing to call a three bet , something else to call off all in..Guess not.. lol... I never saw his hand since at showdown I had to show my hand first.

    As far as the "dead" money I found out the gal had a pair and the loosey goosey guys range was so wide I wasn't too worry about them. That said to avoid a random two pair and such was pretty sweet..

    So funny a couple of weeks ago I made a similar move with TT against two bad players all in three ways and that held up too.. Wink

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