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G-man vs. Larry hand 9-13-13

reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
edited November -1 in Broadcasted Poker
Bart and Dave talked about this hand where G-man had 67s vs. Larry's QQ. The board ran out J43 one spade, turn Js, river As. G-man bet the $350 on the turn into Harry and Larry, semi-bluffing spades with a gutshot - Harry folds, Larry tank-calls. The river As made his flush, Larry checked, G-man thought for a long time and bet $500 (around 35% of pot) and Larry folded his queens.

Bart and Dave were speculating as to whether or not G-man would barrel the river on an off-suit 9, continuing to rep the J. My question is, what if the river was an off-suit A? Should G-man bet that on the river as a bluff?

Thank you, Chris


  • BartBart Posts: 5,996AdministratorLeadPro

    I don't think that the river matters much vs a competent, hand-reading capable player. Larry's hand looks exactly like what it is, 55-KK, or an ace hi hand that doesnt believe Gman on the turn. A good player will know that the A usually doesn't change anything about Gmans range--he is representing a monster (J+) or has missed a draw. The only thing that an A changes here for Larry is if Gman is capable of betting the turn with a wheel draw, and can make a thin value bet at the end with a weak Ace. I tend to doubt that in this particular situation as we saw Gman check back AA in a 4 bet pot when the board ran out a raggedy one liner vs Ray with KK.

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